hello to my ample readership of three people!

real life's been eventful, to say the least.
i've worked 40+ hrs in the past week & i'm starting to abhor the sight of newbies & lettuce leaves & the mop-bucket.

rose, the supervisor at work, who wears dreadlocks & intimidation like a fashion statement, wrote me an endearing list on a long roll of receipt paper called:

reason #4 - "you bleed too much when i stab you"
reason #7 - "there are too many pies in the oven"

i kept the list very close to my heart, otherwise known as my bag, & i told rose that the note may make an appearance in a future video.

oh, visual representations of my fifteen seconds of fame lame from last week:

the channel seven spiel was a whirlwind of confusion, assuming that whirlwinds are actually confused. i got a call during my lunchbreak regarding a potential interview & channel seven apparated outside work within an hr's time.

obviously there are YouTube notables at much higher levels (of subscribers / charm) but i was most accessible in terms of geography & willingness.
channel seven used footage of nat simultaneously with the duration of the voiceover that said, "babyporridge has been on youtube for ten months".


because that's not a stuff-up or anything.
& there are lots of angry souls over the fact that channel seven sourced videos off YouTube without consent or acknowledgment, & i've blahblahed lots about this now, so you can just go watch it yourself.

i'm tired.


  1. Yes, Channel 7's stuffup was spectacular. You, however, were also spectacular, but in a good way ^_^

    I think it would be very funny to get called up at work for an interview (assuming I have a job, which I don't - but I hope to have one soon!) I can just imagine saying to colleagues "sorry the media just want to interview me for a minute it won't take long!"

    Also, "thousands of dollars" - lol.

  2. good to see you back.

    regardless of how botched that piece was, you came across well in that interview.

    ... i was thinking how those customers have no idea that the young woman handing them baked goods and change is such a bright light of intelligence and talent.

    like your audience on the web is privy to a secret life :)

  3. I like to read your blog. :) Congrats on the news and stuff. even if they did get some things wrong. still cool! lol.

  4. Wowee!! You're such a natural in front of the camera! I wouldn't be surprised if the news station snapped you up.... and besides they need to replace the current presenter - I quite enjoyed it when he turned into a cyborg between 0:22-0:32

    You are greatly missed x

  5. I think the whole debate afterwards because of unauthorized video using and the whole terrible editing of the story between (not your videos etc. from the TV station ended up getting pretty ridiculous.

    That being said, you weren't like stale bread at all.(sorry had to quote you off my comments on youtube)
    but absolutely charming.

    now for more random local bakery talk. There's a local chain in Vancouver called "Cobs Bread" that makes various delicious types of bread...Little do the customers that you encounter know that you are in fact a "Part Time Multitalent/ambitious multidisciplinary student" aka likely more intelligent than most

    *Novel comment over*...I may not remember what I typed tomorrow, hah hah

  6. I find it strange that in the print version they use the word rivals to describe the relationship between youtube vloggers in the community. There are rivals & fights but mostly all of it is very friendly and non competitive...just add this to the novel. sorry..or not. I just watched Juno again tonight. Just as entertaining as I remember. Great movie to use to explain idioms & slang to people learning english actually...yes, random thought.


  7. i too know the pain of 40+ hour weeks,
    recently they have made it into the <50 hour zone...

    funny shit, but you'll pull through,
    keep it up!

  8. a stuff up?

    You mean a Fuck up...sounds better & more appropriate. just had to mention it. don't know why.

  9. What a bunch of assholes, they cant tell the difference between one asian and another? its borderline racisim. I'll kill the gnome is they keep this up.

  10. Storm in a teacup Nikki.

    15 seconds of fame in the msm.

    At least a large audience got to see you in candid.

    Thus far I have only seen your videos, querky and fun.

    Seeing you as a real person reinforces my suspicions that you will do well.

    If you keep doing what you enjoy; in an honest and sincere way then your dreams will find you.

    So long as you leave the doors and windows open.

    Now that I've seen you as Nikki the real person I think you are even more lovely than ever, and I'm sure those dreams will find you.

    Take it from someone who has worked in media, advertising amd entertainment.

    You can do it sweetheart, you can do it.

    With kind regards

    an old fart

    PS. I bookmarked your site around 9months ago because I thought you had promise.

    It didn't surprise me to see you on msm and it won't surprise me when you get a gig of your own.

  11. You work in a bakery?!

    Good lord, Nikki. I thought you couldn't get any cooler and then I find out you work in a bakery?! You are the best person in the universe.

  12. You are one eccentric girl. Such a rare type.