my stomach is throbbing & my head is thumping.
i will jot down these aches & remember them for later -- later is when the moon smiles for someone else, when the floorboards creak under someone else's weight.

australia is a drought-ridden place & my mind feels very much like australia.
my inability to create is driving me insane. this afternoon i shot some clips with the intention of putting up a video, but it's turning out disgustingly sub-par, & showcasing sub-par things are the bane of my existence.

ugh. screenshots of said video:

i know, i know, i grow terribly unattractive by day.

there are three weeks until this semester of uni comes to a close & i'm chanting (like too much a plea & too little a prayer) that my fickle friend inspiration will come back.
am also counting down the sleeps till i board a plane & whisk myself off to the philippines - my motherland, how i tremble to touch my feet to your grounds!

as of now, it's 23 sleeps!

speaking of twenty-three:
* in june, twenty-three will mark my one year anniversary of being on the 'tube, &
* in july, twenty-three will mark my nineteenth birthdaghhh

i think it's comforting how close to nobody reads this blog... that just means i'm at liberty to disclose more of myself here than i would on video.


leslie feist is divine & her music is the ultimate for driving home at night.
my stomach hurts like a killer's wife & i am going to go now.

yeah, i was definitely a babe.


  1. well i read ur blog and im sure a couple other people do too coz many youtubers have links to u on theirs.

  2. I read (:

  3. the tooth fairy is a bitch, she doesn't visit anymore...

  4. I turn 21 in July. We can have an online b'day bash! I'll bring Twister. You can't party without Twister =D

  5. I always liked the tooth fairy.


  6. in case you care, My birthday is on july 22nd

  7. hey, it's me!!

  8. many are the readers, but few are the commenters.

    + not all videos are going to hit it out of the park. if you get even 1 out of 5 as good as your best, you'd be doing well i reckon.

    [the tooth fairy loves my teeth, and rewards me with change.]

  9. I haven't gone to the Philippines since maybe, 2002. I don't remember. It wasn't 2004 since I went to India that year.

    Nothin says Happy Birthday like 50 cent's "In Da Club"...The song stalks me to this day.

    Feist is Calgary music. I really wanna know why Canada is full of the eccentric rock/pop...whatever they call it.

    disclose your insides away. there's plenty of time for mocking you later, :-P...I'm joking, so stop crying. Gosh, I wasn't even serious

  10. Musta!? this is moyzie01 a fellow youtuber :D

    hope you enjoy it there in your Motherland HEHE!

    just came from there in Jan08 for the 2nd time :D and return in July08 and Nov08 for my wedding :D


  11. Just recently found you on Youtube and have finally decided to check out your blog. I don't have much to say, but felt compelled to communicate my admiration for your inspiringly poetic expression. It's the most refreshing experience I've had in a long time to listen to (or read, now) your words and enjoy the places they take me. Thank you for sharing despite some personal reservations. And if it makes you feel any better, what I've seen you stamp with "sub-par" so far is still far beyond any level of originality, creativity, and beauty I could ever hope to master. Sorry for the babble-fest but the impulse held a gun to my head and would not take "I'm ignoring you" for an answer. I hope your muse returns to the extent you desire!