i just sneezed all over my keyboard.

acquired ze green p's just in time for ze approaching christmukkah season! that's right, my baby greens shit all over your red p's & yellow l's. i can legally drive ten km's higher than previously allowed, oh mirth & rapture! (i don't want to hear anything from all you full gold-licensed beasts. I WILL THROW YOUR BALD PATCHES & WRINKLES IN YOUR FACES, old cretens!)

anyway, i was ragingly fired up last night. about circumstance. about honesty & it's complete lack thereof. & i was so ready to drop expletives on this mother trucker of a blog like samuel jackson with some mother trucking snakes on a mother trucking plane.

& much like human emotion is as fickle as the hearts of males (oh i went there!), the rage isn't occupying my head & hands right now.

but i digress.
out of this lifetime, i want two things, & by 'this lifetime', i actually mean 'the next ten minutes'. one being french mudcake, & two being urination. as an early christmas present to myself, i have been paying in installments for a generous case of DIABETES! want...mud...cake...now...

you know what, clarity really isn't on my side, so i'mma assault (& a-pepper) some viewing eyes before i skedaddle.

here is an image of me being coy & persistent & downright clingy. the second picture is just a zooom.

higher-res is available for consumption on flickr.

aaaaand two 'outtakes' or images i didn't use:

unexpectedly most substantial word in the history of my ever is 'babycakes'. totally rocking my world, fat-boulder on a dingy sailboat style. i'll tell you when you're older.

& i have pictures from ausone sydney youchoob gathering schmathering which i may put up. or not.


  1. Put'em up, mother trucker <3

  2. I ate sushi today. Spicy Tuna. It makes me happy.

    Let's hear some "Get these mother fuckin snakes off this mother fucking plane"

    That's yet another gem of a movie shot mostly in Vancouver. There's maximum speed limits to go along with Aussie Graduating licensing systems. Now isn't that just a hassle.

    I watched Twilight for a second time yesterday. The Volchek guy still annoys me heavily but I enjoyed Bella's sarcasm & Edwards social awkwardness due to hunger even more. Hilarious movie.

    T-Minus 2 days to what. I'm not telling.

  3. Dear Ms Porridge.

    Last week I was in the markets in Sydney, and I saw a girl I really thought was you.

    ME: Excuse me, Are you Babyporridge?

    HER: What the hell are you talking about?

    ME: OK sorry, never mind. [runs away]

    Of course, if it was you, travelling incognito, I should apologise for being that guy who broke your cover.

  4. i love your photos.

    congrats on the green p's
    you make me feel shamed.. BY THE WAY, what did they ask you to do!?

  5. Good luck with the driving and the mother truckers

  6. one day i'll get my full license..and i'll throw my green p's at you..one day.

    i think you just took self love to a whole new level. =D

    queen e

  7. I see buildings reflected on your windows. You forgot to patch that one up. :P

  8. beautiful pics

  9. first of all, YOU'RE GORGEOUS :O

    .... and thats about all i can say 'cause im stunned

  10. cretin is spelt C-R-E-T-I-N

  11. If you really want diabetes for Christmas... you know you have to go sit on Santa's knee and ask him very nicely; then, if you've been a good girl and he decides to grant you your wish, he'll hand you a candy cane :P

  12. I'm glad that some balance returns to circumstance.

    Sometimes one just has to cut the strings.

    I can see from the work here that although the young lady can't be pleased, she has the world at her feet.

    good luck to you as always, Nikki

  13. your blogs and your videos on YT are the bees knees.

  14. Ramdomly seeing your ramblings i think i just had to comment !!!! greens p's and Ham mmm nice looks like you will need them to hoon away from suburbia from those back yard shots of green grass and blue sky's. For us gold wrinkly has been grandpa drivers. Go easy on us as you shoot past us in the inner lane on the way to bondi or st kilda wherever you may be. ha ha i like your style girl !!!!