asbestos, but not really.

Much like most human beings feel the compulsion to pee regularly, I of the non-human variety, feel the same compulsion to declare that I've been playing with final cut pro again & it is glorious. This video's intended recipient is not youtube, but something far greater... like the sum of all parts is greater than one part. Like analogies that actually make sense are greater than the ones I employ.

I like conversations:

the following pictures will illustrate me doing what I do best, & in this instance, its not eating. Eating only comes second to being really attractive, okay! Included in images is kuya, which in Philippiniminienimeisy means older brother. Let it be said that I own no male siblings (except for the days Isabelle is not on her lady cycle... gross, I know, BUT OH I WENT THERE.)

/convoluted words end here