store guy.

Since my newly deceased camera is still under warranty, I took it in to have it sorted like the way I take my rogue suitors to my fist to have them sorted.

But anyway.
The story here dwells not on the necessary actions for my camera, but the guy at the counter assisting me.

His eyes routinely made their way past my eyes, & down to...say, MY MAMMARY GLANDS. Quite frankly, I felt like an unfortunate bowl of super creamy coleslaw... undecided about wanting to be healthy or to be fattening! So I was absolutely undecided about wanting to be offended by his lack of respect to me(/my face!), & wanting to laugh at his misfortune in not having much to look at.

Now that I think about it, I would've wanted to say, "S'okay buddy. You & I both wish there was more to look at."


  1. well you're an attractive young lady, so thats gonna happen. everyman will do it, the mature ones will be discreet about it. being a man i guess i can sort of understand it, but i always figure that mammary glands arnt nearly as important as the person that they are attached to.

  2. I'm personally usually first drawn to a girl's eyes, smile, and hair.

    You could think of your "mammary incident" in a very P.C. way too. Equal opportunity ogling should be encouraged. overly large ones are unfortunate to look at anyways.:-P

    Everybody checks each other out.
    As a sales clerk he should of been attending to other people too and not just paying total attention to you anyways.

  3. I can totally relate Nikki, I can't tell you how many people have checked out my perky man boobs! They aren't even shy about it. So one day I just said "Uh ladies....there is more to me than my lovely man breasts ok??" But did that stop them? Noooooo.

    Women only want ONE thing Nikki! They don't care about the loving and caring interior, just the firm supple exterior...

    I feel your pain Nikki..I feel your pain..

    Anywho, is your camera feeling better?

  4. Nikki! I just saw the comment you left me and I have to say that I couldn't be happier knowing that you're nestled deeply in my fat blubbery body flaps of blogging :D

  5. I use to work at dicksmiths...
    good times.
    anyway, still work in IT, at a university, you'll see me helping girls and guys out with their computer problems.
    anyway in relation to the post.
    I can relate.
    Don't pick on the poor guy. most people who come into our stores are male, and if they are female, they generally aren't attactive, so it would've probably made that guys day for you to come in, and for him to help you with your problem...
    at least it would've made mine :)