A gift for music enthusiasts

Somewhere between craving cinnamon donuts, psyching myself up for my last ever academic semester and dealing with things slightly beyond the healthy limits of my emotional quota, I turned twenty.

Here is where I say 'thank you' to anyone who contributed to the fruitfulness of my day through sms / youtube / facebook / twitter / dailybooth comments, actual gropes and telekinetic energy. I felt the vibes, thank you.

Since I regrettably cannot personally hug or affectionately pat any of your heads, I thought the next best thing would be to compile and illegally distribute a mixtape of sorts, whereby you could:
a) enjoy what my ears (and nostalgic recollection) enjoy
b) subsequently broaden the horizons of your music favourites, or
c) decisively attack me for everything I stand for, starting with my music taste

Then I remembered that legal run-ins regarding intellectual property and copyright are actually severely intimidating, and are things with which I don't want to be involved.

In conclusion, I have not uploaded and will not freely distribute a collection of songs.
I have, however, still compiled a set of twenty songs in youtube form - with one song from every year I've been alive. Hope you enjoy; do let me know if you've decided to fall in love with any of my picks (:

1989 - Personal Jesus : Depeche Mode
1990 - Roam : B52s
1991 - Jeremy : Pearl Jam
1992 - Date Rape : Sublime
1993 - Mr. Wendal : Arrested Development
1994 - Cornflake Girl : Tori Amos
1995 - Waterfalls : TLC
1996 - Lady Picture Show : Stone Temple Pilots
1997 - Suddenly Strange : Bic Runga
1998 - Teardrop : Massive Attack
1999 - Paper Bag : Fiona Apple
2000 - Sparks : Coldplay
2001 - Love Affair : Regina Spektor
2002 - Innervision : System of a Down
2003 - Collide : Rachael Yamagata
2004 - Too Drunk To F*ck : Nouvelle Vague
2005 - Virginia Moon : Foo Fighters
2006 - Mushaboom : Feist
2007 - Nude : Radiohead
2008 - Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros : Flight of the Conchords
2009 - R U Kidding Me : Kate Miller-Heidke

The usual, unstimulating trivial commentary will resume in the following blog posts. I leave you with a teaser of sorts, by the clubbing snaparazzi. Yeah, this mug totally made it to one of those party photo websites, ha. Clearly my life is much closer to fulfillment!



  1. You made me feel all old and sentimental with those song... and don't you dare say that this wasn't intentional!

    Unfortunately, my memory goes back further than 1989, but let's not get into that. If I knew you personally, I'd send you a thank you card for being absolutely fabulous.

  2. Maligayang kaarawan!

    Looking over those songs, I feel quite old! I remember listening to many of those songs when they first come out. Now that I reside overseas, I don't listen to much Western Music, except what is passed along to me.

    Oh... and you may think this is your last academic semester...

  3. Mr. Wendell....Oh, Arrested Development brings back the memories of a childhood in the early 90s. TLC is one of my favorite groups of all time. Depeche Mode is intended or unintended listening for all raised in this era. I love the song and video for Jeremy by Pearl Jam. Feist...pardon my slightly indifferent attitude to her. I'm Canadian and plenty of Canadians don't care for Can-Con. That being said I think the melodies in her songs are insane. I'm a bit of a casual Coldplay freak so anything by them is cool with me. Don't take this the wrong way but ummmm...white kids around while I was refining my ability to draw and paint killed Radiohead for me. It was around that time though when I got into Coldplay so, I lost some but I won some too.

    I'm much more of a film person so could you compile a list of films you'd recommend. I don't care if they're current, older, Hollywood, foreign, Samurai flicks (a genre I know I enjoy but for some reason have next to nothing of). I'm an animation nut so anything you could recommend that's a bit off the mainstream is well considered.

    I'm more partial to home based drunkenness compared to the party scene. Or maybe it's just that I don't wanna dance for any reason whatsoever. I'll decide later.

    well....later Nikki

  4. So most definitley a big late happy birthday to you Nikki. And also a big WOOT to Fiest, Tori Amos, Novelle Vague and TLC (I mean who wasnt a fan of Waterfalls?) and to top it all off a big *expression of impressed-ness* at the wonder of your tube vid and the fact you put that list of songs together.

  5. an interesting considered mix there, Nikki.

    good luck in your soon to be post grad future.
    only twenty and so much ahead of you :)

  6. Happy birthday!

    I feel old, it has been quite a while since I was at uni, and even longer since I was 20.

    Work may or may not be as much fun as uni, so enjoy (responsibly!) it while you can

  7. hot clubbing pic.
    I feel old too... but wiser nonetheless.
    I feel old that your finishing uni and your 20.

    I'll be finishing next year and I'm 23. that being said.. its been a long 6 years.
    happy birthday btw :)

  8. lol...I have MR.Wendall on my itunes...NONE of my friends know what it is but it is sheer genius! good pick!