Me, Myself and Eye(liner).

I've been back to the daily grind for a week. I told myself that finishing my Gold Coast holiday recap (which I started immediately after the last post) was in store for tonight. But uh, suffice to say, that fell through. Drawing on my self was exponentially more alluring!

Also, my Father can not stomach looking at me. Need new Father. And skype / iChat contacts. Anyone game enough to put up with my face on a daily basis?


  1. YES!

  2. nikki, you scare me but in an excellent way!

  3. nikki, you said you were going to start using formspring again. still no replies :(

  4. ps. eyeliner around the lips = the new hotness

  5. I could probably put up with your face on a daily basis but I don't really use skype much & I don't use iChat. hah hah.

  6. Eyeliner is a great way to accentuate those collar bones!