My father, the closet Justin Bieber fanboy.

Don't rouse the dead.

The title bears no weight on this post. It just sounded good in my head. I've been back to work, back to salsa class, back to the routine bustle of my Sydney existence... just back for a week now. I have many pending and overdue anecdotes from the recent Manila trip, and the not-so-recent Gold Coast exeunt.

Maybe those thoughts and images will never see the light of day. THEY WILL GO WITH ME TO THE GRAVE. Oh look, yet another death reference. Foreboding, perhaps?

I made this thing yesterday, and I thought it was funny. You will laugh, damnit. You will laugh. Okay fine, I will make do with a faint giggle.

K bye. Gotta go skedaddle and update my secret blaaahg... ooh! ;)