felicitations from several thousand miles away

Currently updating from Singapore airport, where everything is clean & splendid like immaculate concepcion.

On the seven hour flight, my plan of attaining some catch up sleep took a backseat to my consumption of video mediaaa. For some really unnecessary accretion, here is what I watched: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Sixty Six, one episode of Flight of the Conchords (HUZZZZAH), two episodes of Californication, one episode of Pushing Daisies, & one episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

I will undermine you, Mr. Pop-up. I will log back in even after you throw me out like used toilet paper!


Things that start with 'B'

The carrier of the Nikki-fetus birthdayed it up on Tuesday, & as such, we celebrated in swanky dinner style. 'Birthdayed' is also a commonly accepted verb. Starting now.

Now, in every well-enlightened, dinner-buying daughter's life, there comes a point where she realises how thankful she is for not being a cyclops. Had I been a well-enlightened, dinner-buying daughter, this point would have come on Tuesday night, upon witnessing the appetizer portions which sold for the cost of an eye. & possibly kidneys.

The offending dishes were conveniently scrumptious. (Exhibit A is a crabcake. Exhibit B is squid & pork. We shared.)

Exhibits C & D may also be (falsely) hailed as scrumptious. (& dad's head is impaled by none other than the harbour bridge, cool):

for my title to remain true, it would be useful if my next point of discussion is aptly called the "Blight of the Conchords". Unfortunately, truth will not be dining with us tonight, so "Flight of the Conchords" it is! In any case, I think "F" is far sexier than "B", especially when used before "uck you". Sorry, "buck you". I just don't think you have quite the same pizazz.

I am completely & utterly enamored with Bret & Jemaine of "FoC" notoriety. I may or may not have watched, re-watched, downloaded for itouch enjoyment, re-watched, & neglected necessary bodily functions...

The song starts at 2:33, but if you have any sense of common, you will devour the clip in its entirety. Ah, youtube, you have proved useful to me once again!

Goodnight kidlets, may the farce be with you!
Five sleeps til Manila Vanilla (:

home & astray?

Hello, i am back home, smelling slightly of aircraft snobbery & elderflower juice!
I don't care if i'm actually lying heartily through my descriptions because you have no way of sniffing me & proving otherwise, ha!

Word & image recollections from the past two weeks to stink up this space like uninvited dog shit on your freshly cut lawn. After some much desired sleep.

I leave with one parting gem of wisdom - it is wise to check the weather of your destination prior to reaching it, so that you might pack appropriate clothing & not suffer a fate that feels unnaturally like eternal hypothermia! TASMANIAN SUMMER, I RESENT THE MOCKING WAYS OF YOUR ICY FINGERS.


quick rah rah

hi, in tasmania - eating lots & eating some more.
i've had approximately half an hour on the internet in the past six days - it's been incredibly refreshing to get away from all the negative energy.

just quickly though - http://au.youtube.com/user/TrulyTrixy69 - is being an absolute asshole & is using my picture as profile picture & starting shit with people. how does one get such a user suspended?

help please?
updates in five days upon return. hope you're all well, guys!


oh nine.

So, I spent yesterday in my swimwear despite being very far from any semblance of ocean, & rather in my room - which is incidentally made of carpet & furniture, not water! Of what relevance this fact is to some acknowledgment of the new year, there is none!

But ah, happy belated new year, kidlets!

I quit the bakery.
That's right, I threw in the proverbial crumb-stained towel after almost five years. For all the frustration & exhaustion I may have incurred from the place, for all the bitching & whining I did about the rude & the stupid, I can't say that I didn't enjoy my time there. I worked with some ass-kickingly memorable people - who I now have the privilege of calling dear friends - & even grew fond of some of my regular customers. I think, though, that the timing was appropriate for this change.

HELLO TWO THOUSAND & NINE. I welcome you with arms as wide as my wit is lacking!

I'm looking forward to a fat case of personal growth this year, plus the fruition of creative pursuits. Dad's & my business will go underway, a business of which I will not reveal the name, just in case any of you sneaky fiends decide to steal it & register it's web domain! (Sorry internet, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I really don't trust you...) But in time, things will be revealed. Much like time will reveal the sagging of Madonna's breasts!

Musically wise, the talented Mattkin & I plan on haunting some venues very soon, WATCH THIS SPACE. Academic wise, I still have my last year of uni to attend to, but I have every intention of filling my creativity quota this year! My cup will runneth over, I say!

OH, I am heading to the homeland (again!) on the twenty-seventh of January. I told Leslie (creative director at my work, & essentially my boss) of these plans of mine, & his response was:

"Bring back some chili bananas and you'll get a raise, and quit uni for god's sakes! Haven't you worked out that we'll give you a full-time position straight away!"

SQUEEEEEEE. Perhaps this means they like me?! :D

Anyway, bring it on 2009! These feet can't wait to touch your pavements.

& just because I am the visual sort, I will not leave this post without happy snaps of nye:

Ze next blog will probably be from Tasmania, mmkay!

//EDIT: I keep forgetting to do this, but after every post, I want to personally thank all of you for your meaningful responses. Please accept my collective thank you - I am always appreciative of the kind words that come my way. Especially for my last rant about the pursuit of creativity - thank you infinitely, you all know who you are.