What the above still image neglects to convey is the ridiculous extent of effort required to get to that particular spot. When I say 'ridiculous', it is on par with the ridiculous idea that I might one day find a more fulfilling lover than McDonald's apple pies.

For the past few weeks, Hannah and I have been frequenting a small river-town, about an hour from the Sydney CBD, chasing up a story about homelessness for our television journalism final project. What makes this story interesting is that in this particular area, the residents don't view the homeless as a concern. Mutual respect is passed around like roast baby l'orange at a cannibal Christmas dinner. Overwhelmingly, the residents view the homeless as unofficial bodyguards.

Anyway, as we make reference to some of these homeless as 'cave-dwellers' in our news package, footage of the caves was crucial. Cue three hours of trekking through unpaved, unfamiliar mountainous bushland with heavy-arse HDV camera and tripod in tow. Now, Hannah and I are no typical damsel weaklings; we are both loyal body pump class veterans. We lift weights on a regular, voluntary basis, but SHIT MAN, this was some tough shit, the way I would expect shit to be tough after a month-long fibre-deficiency... Um.

But I digress. Old readers of mine would know of my incompatibility with journalism in general, but I really enjoy video journalism. Perhaps it's more to do with the 'video' part than the actual 'journalism', but I absolutely engage with this subject. This particular project has definitely challenged some of my perceptions about homeless people. And it's not that our perceptions set out to be automatically malicious, they're often just the tragic function of embracing stone-carved stereotypes. I just have to say though, that I did not expect such depth out of some of the characters we interviewed.

But that's enough blah blah, here is a still of the ever-gorgeous Hannah during her piece-to-camera:

And one of my favourite stills:

In other news, I'm slowly recovering from the flu. I managed to go to the gym thrice this week, but there is still Saturday and Sunday, so perhaps I may be able to edit this sentence to say "I managed to go to the gym five times this week". It astounds me how quickly I can lose endurance just by missing a week of exercise. Ugh. But you know, I will be astounded if in the future, I ever enter into a relationship with the male species that rivals the gym. I have a very consistent and stable relationship with fitness first, ahaha.

Sorry this post has been flat like a pre-pubescent (til-even-present day!) me. I'm just exhausted, and the week ahead looks like a certain shade of despair. Three final assignments due. Please keep an eye out for my name in next weekend's obituaries.


least attractive picture ever...

...but I have to show it regardless:

This image says, "I finally reached the gym for the first time in a week." Take that, filthy flu & lousy immune system!

You just can't fake this kind of elation. Really, you can't.

Important, Impotent.

I assume that being impotent would be important in societal discourse, but as it turns out, impotence has no relevance on my blog.

So it will not be discussed.

On the train this morning, I actually was brainstorming a tirade on 'why being sick sucks', as well as a meaningful self-reflection piece, as inspired by The Alchemist, which I am currently re-reading. But then I decided that I didn't want to be responsible for anyone climbing into scalding kettles or hacking at retinas with blunt spoons on account of being absolutely bored with my ramblings. I am as considerate as they come!


Sorry, I am a little insane and a lot cranky from not having exercised at all this week. Lousy immune system.

shamelessly vapid

My head, nose, throat & gut are all conspiring against the idea of 'wellness'. Terse words, so all you get is a contrived picture. I am diseased. MAYBE I WILL DIE TOMORROW, sweet.

the season's a-changin'

I love autumn. I also love the occasional epiphany of having narrowly missed death, and cycling. Yes, cycling. If cycling was conveniently a man, I would write songs about it because it is much less ridiculous to write cheesy musical-odes to a breathing, musk-smelling specimen than to a piece of machinery.

I tried it out about a week ago. Resisted at first, but like any foolish damsel, quietly succumbed to the understated seduction methods of glute pain. But yes, I danced with my new love yesterday and today, and managed to do 21+kms on both occasions. (I should add though that it is a stationary bike, and undoubtedly a mockery of the real deal, but still, I am exerting effort, which the machines have generously totalled as 21kms worth!)

I should also add that sometimes I get embarrassed about discussing these things with you, kind blog-readers. I feel like you are all silently judging me in your heads with comments like "WHY do you still look like the love-child of rosie o'donnel and an asian bakery despite your exercise?" I'm sorry! My appetite is obnoxiously large! KFC only started serving their family-size buckets when they heard I was in town!

And here, a snapshot of Daniel belittling me, much like you all are:

Today, I was pleasantly minding my own business in the labs, digitising tapes and transcribing interviews, when the very attractive guy next to me struck up conversation. He resembled Johnny Depp in 'What's eating Gilbert Grape?, was well-spoken, and he was nice enough but I felt like he slipped into an air of pretentiousness from time to time. Then I was reminded of how I loathe attractive people and their accompanying mentality of being above everyone else (slight generalisation, yes). I think I am just brandishing stereotypes here like unnecessary cold cuts. But really, have you had run-ins with holier-than-thou attractive people? And if you are of the attractive variety, do you use your sleek noses and perfect jaws to get away with treason, murder and occasional bird-theft? I'd be interested to know.

This is where I sign off. I have noble intentions of catching the 6am cycling class tomorrow before rest of the day of the day and subsequent academic displeasure hits! Goodnight, potatoes.

the usual lack of sense.

Apparently it is nearing two weeks since my last blog post, for which I owe an incredibly large thank-you. You are all darlings; I am absolutely appreciative & overwhelmed by your generosity in the comments. I feel like a bald man narrowly escaping root-canal! Like a sticky-date pudding devoured by Natalie Portman herself! Simply put, I am chuffed. Thank you.

Now, I have a few things to get off my chest, much like one might like to get a car off her chest in the event of being pinned under one after a collision. Without further delay, here are some scintillating dot points:

* I don't quite know how else to put this, but I may or may not be a little bit partial to bestiality. My first recollection of lusting after an animal was upon watching Remus Lupin's werewolf form in Harry Potter 3 (it was the werewolf-biceps & muscular hind-legs, I swear).

I dismissed this as an erratic, newly-pubescent fancy. Nearing the finality of adolescence, however, I don't think I can claim my insatiable lust for Wolverine on those same terms.

Whatever the case though, I don't think I'm very discriminant of prospective life partners. I am the freaking McDonalds of equal opportunity!

* I SAW KATE MILLER-HEIDKE LIVE & IF I HAD IT MY WAY, I'D USE HER LIKE I DO SHAMPOO - rinse, lather & repeat! I'm incapable of doing anything else other than gushing when epic songwriting meets phenomenal stage presence meets precise delivery meets effortless operock. (Yes, I absolutely made that awkward term up right now.) Also at one point, husband & guitarist - Keir snapped a crowd shot for her twitter. Um. I may not have trampled a few babies & elbowed a few undeserving pelvises to make myself immortalised in her digital camera.

* I am sore in the places that count. I managed to exercise six out of seven days in the past week. I'm talking cycling class, pump class, combat class, jogs, core-strengtheners & weights, you mudcrabs! However, I also managed to null & void all my hearty efforts in yesterday's (& today's) Marsbar-cheesecake & White+Dark chocolate mousse rampage. DELICIOUUUUUS. Have I mentioned I'm hopeless? Add to that, predictable. I binge on terrible things & invariably feel an overwhelming sense of guilt & the need to e-complain about how the scales are being stubborn. I am the best vicious-cycle evaaar!

* I have finally reached a plateau in my life that combines an unparalleled sense of achievement with some simultaneous directional clarity. All from this comment:

There IS light at the end of my proverbial tunnel of eternal celibacy! If I work really hard on toning down my unsuccessful wit and obnoxious charm, generous men on the internet are willing to overlook the rest of my flaws for my own personal gratification! Karma is obviously kind to me; I didn't realise life could be so fulfilling!

* I had about four more dot-points to throw in your general direction, but luck is on your side, dear readers. This entry terminates prematurely! Now.