shamelessly vapid

My head, nose, throat & gut are all conspiring against the idea of 'wellness'. Terse words, so all you get is a contrived picture. I am diseased. MAYBE I WILL DIE TOMORROW, sweet.


  1. Ah... Winter is upon you in full force! Feel better soon!

  2. After I looked up "terse" ;) there's just one thing to say:

    Noone likes a pity party!

    And I'd mwah you even if you're diseased. Or dead. Well... maybe not dead. <3

  3. Winter has settled it's horrifically large ass upon Sydney. Be optimistic like I am about the middle of winter. Snowboarding is only apart from you because of distance, and cost of board rental. It's a great full body workout you know. I bet you could find somebody to go with you.

    I've felt a bit diseased lately. Death tomorrow, highly unlikely. However, My nose and throat are conspiring to hamper my ability to breathe normally but I'm nowhere near death like Jack Bauer exposed to the bioweapon (just finished watching 24 season finale, Kiefer is the grandson of Tommy Douglas, responsible for advocating the Canadian free medicare policy if U didn't know)

    Besides, you can't die now. If U die now, how can I ever randomly meet you on cityrail in Sydney or on Skytrain in Vancouver and beg for your company forever more after that currently unfulfilled day....too much, thought so.

    Babyporridge project Year 2 is go FYI and you can't stop me. HaH sequel to last year is unstoppable.
    you're getting it and I hope you like it...again, with different stuff...maybe with color, and other people. It's gonna be all that and a bag of chips. Start your preparation for disappointment accordingly. lol

  4. that is probably one of the sexiest pouts I have ever seen... at least its the sexiest I can currently remember!

  5. ...sweet?... No..Not Sweet..
    Don't Die.."I have just got to know you better"..

    Soldier on with Codral.

    Terse..vapid.. I like your words (:

    nice pic - you look like somebody I know - but hey.

  6. So dramatic with the dying talk, jeez! lol