the season's a-changin'

I love autumn. I also love the occasional epiphany of having narrowly missed death, and cycling. Yes, cycling. If cycling was conveniently a man, I would write songs about it because it is much less ridiculous to write cheesy musical-odes to a breathing, musk-smelling specimen than to a piece of machinery.

I tried it out about a week ago. Resisted at first, but like any foolish damsel, quietly succumbed to the understated seduction methods of glute pain. But yes, I danced with my new love yesterday and today, and managed to do 21+kms on both occasions. (I should add though that it is a stationary bike, and undoubtedly a mockery of the real deal, but still, I am exerting effort, which the machines have generously totalled as 21kms worth!)

I should also add that sometimes I get embarrassed about discussing these things with you, kind blog-readers. I feel like you are all silently judging me in your heads with comments like "WHY do you still look like the love-child of rosie o'donnel and an asian bakery despite your exercise?" I'm sorry! My appetite is obnoxiously large! KFC only started serving their family-size buckets when they heard I was in town!

And here, a snapshot of Daniel belittling me, much like you all are:

Today, I was pleasantly minding my own business in the labs, digitising tapes and transcribing interviews, when the very attractive guy next to me struck up conversation. He resembled Johnny Depp in 'What's eating Gilbert Grape?, was well-spoken, and he was nice enough but I felt like he slipped into an air of pretentiousness from time to time. Then I was reminded of how I loathe attractive people and their accompanying mentality of being above everyone else (slight generalisation, yes). I think I am just brandishing stereotypes here like unnecessary cold cuts. But really, have you had run-ins with holier-than-thou attractive people? And if you are of the attractive variety, do you use your sleek noses and perfect jaws to get away with treason, murder and occasional bird-theft? I'd be interested to know.

This is where I sign off. I have noble intentions of catching the 6am cycling class tomorrow before rest of the day of the day and subsequent academic displeasure hits! Goodnight, potatoes.


  1. Ugh, gorgeous people are quite simply the most stuck up people ever.
    A generalisation,yes, but then you have to note the difference between someone who's 'beautiful' and someone who's 'gorgeous', one connotates inner beauty which radiates onto the outer body, the other is just good looks and eye candy. They have an air of importance just because they've been bestowed with fortunate genes, nothing of your own doing, it's how make use of that body and the characteristics that you present yourself with- that's what matters.

    /rant over.

  2. I do believe that there is something about this particular month of the year that makes us girlies go wild with cycling excitement, I too am planning to dance with the two-wheeled beast all around Central Park this weekend. mwah x

    stay gorgeous porridge x

  3. I was thinking about attractive people a few days ago... and I remember my final assessment was:

    I generally am annoyed by flauntingly gorgeous people, but I really really want to be liked by them.

    Then I remembered that I still had some dignity. (Somewhere). And silently backed thought.

    Btw. You are beautifully gorgeous and an exception to the rule. I'd never back away from you. Never.

  4. Nikki, you're absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and any other complimentary adjectives I can throw on you. Your inner and external discussion of yourself and others oozes with charm. I love charm. You could get anybody on your side with the right amount of charm.

    21 kms on a stationary bike so I'm about 10-15 kms on foot. I'd take the on foot route any day. That being said sometimes I satiate a need for exercise with Wii Fit. Other times, 5,000 step walks split up into 2 sessions will do. I really should keep up with it.

    Isn't the cross between Rosie O'Donnell and an Asian Bakery = Margaret Cho, who recently played my second favorite movie sex-Ed teacher in 17 Again. Just saying that you're nowhere approaching her.

    If it makes you feel any better, I was a fat kid too. I'm sure a lot of people would think I'm still big but I have thick bones, therefore a larger frame. Do you have this dilemma, yes,no? just asking.

    Remember, If you're gonna eat all the KFC, could you leave me a bucket of their Coleslaw and Potato salad w/ 2 wrapstars on the side.

    Do you eat your KFC w/Rice? If so, you're so Filipino.

    Where could you find somebody that resembles Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon? That movie was good and possibly the first movie I ever saw starring Mr. Depp. Can't wait for Michael Mann's Public Enemies w/ Johnny as John Dillinger

    later, this comment's been overly long and tedious, remember babyporridge project year II will be there before you know it.

  5. Wah! I want to attend a cycling class. My real bike is falling apart, and that brings me despair.

  6. I'm not belittling you - not even in my unconscious. I'm really, really impressed with your effort!

    I'd tell you to keep it up, but I'm confident that you are going to.
    Also - you are quite the babe yourself (I'm telling you that you're beautiful), so don't be too hard on the beautiful people - they could learn something from you :p

  7. My rule of thumb is this... if you sweat, it's exercise.

  8. I think we are similar people, except for the fact that you are amusing, and i generally fail at this. And you are really very pretty and are only deluded about your appearance, whereas I believe I am really not a looker and it has been confirmed by others. But aside from that. I think it is possible we have similar thinking mechanisms. I've followed your blog for a while and your posts are always amusing or enlightening or force my brain to work.

  9. Well Hello Miss,

    Interesting Interesting Mr Pretentious its funny how these people claw there way into thoughts whether you like it or not, yet little be known about them.

    You seem to attract some lovely young souls on your youtube, hmm the laws of attraction? hopefully just to put it simply, stupid people.

    Thankyou also for your lovely comment and your time on my blog.

    Good Luck with the Bike Riding.. may it trim down whatever parts that you see to need trimming down

    All the Best Miss