What the above still image neglects to convey is the ridiculous extent of effort required to get to that particular spot. When I say 'ridiculous', it is on par with the ridiculous idea that I might one day find a more fulfilling lover than McDonald's apple pies.

For the past few weeks, Hannah and I have been frequenting a small river-town, about an hour from the Sydney CBD, chasing up a story about homelessness for our television journalism final project. What makes this story interesting is that in this particular area, the residents don't view the homeless as a concern. Mutual respect is passed around like roast baby l'orange at a cannibal Christmas dinner. Overwhelmingly, the residents view the homeless as unofficial bodyguards.

Anyway, as we make reference to some of these homeless as 'cave-dwellers' in our news package, footage of the caves was crucial. Cue three hours of trekking through unpaved, unfamiliar mountainous bushland with heavy-arse HDV camera and tripod in tow. Now, Hannah and I are no typical damsel weaklings; we are both loyal body pump class veterans. We lift weights on a regular, voluntary basis, but SHIT MAN, this was some tough shit, the way I would expect shit to be tough after a month-long fibre-deficiency... Um.

But I digress. Old readers of mine would know of my incompatibility with journalism in general, but I really enjoy video journalism. Perhaps it's more to do with the 'video' part than the actual 'journalism', but I absolutely engage with this subject. This particular project has definitely challenged some of my perceptions about homeless people. And it's not that our perceptions set out to be automatically malicious, they're often just the tragic function of embracing stone-carved stereotypes. I just have to say though, that I did not expect such depth out of some of the characters we interviewed.

But that's enough blah blah, here is a still of the ever-gorgeous Hannah during her piece-to-camera:

And one of my favourite stills:

In other news, I'm slowly recovering from the flu. I managed to go to the gym thrice this week, but there is still Saturday and Sunday, so perhaps I may be able to edit this sentence to say "I managed to go to the gym five times this week". It astounds me how quickly I can lose endurance just by missing a week of exercise. Ugh. But you know, I will be astounded if in the future, I ever enter into a relationship with the male species that rivals the gym. I have a very consistent and stable relationship with fitness first, ahaha.

Sorry this post has been flat like a pre-pubescent (til-even-present day!) me. I'm just exhausted, and the week ahead looks like a certain shade of despair. Three final assignments due. Please keep an eye out for my name in next weekend's obituaries.



  1. I think it's fantastic that your perspective changed after meeting with the homeless. And to be fair, there is no way our perspectives can be accurate unless we do what you did and actually meet with people. I think it's absolutely awesome what you two did. These are people that are brushed aside and ignored because of their circumstances. They probably thought they were given up on and didn't expect anyone to care enough to talk with them and I think it's fair to say that they didn't have a voice at all until you two arrived and gave them one. That's such a powerful thing and also a very admirable thing.

    I originally just glanced over your post and was going to talk about apple pies, starting a support group for those of us who have an unhealthy obsession with those delicious pastries and tell you that I lol'd at your shameless flat comment! Awesome post though, I really liked this one Nikki.

  2. Sounds like you've had quite the week. I don't know if I'd ever be a gym rat. I do plenty of exercise aroud the house. I guess I need to work the abs. My arms are already generous. I try to walk at least 3000~5000 steps a day. Yesterday did some lifting of boxes.

    Are you incompatible w/ journalism or uncomfortable w/ interupting someone's day for a story. You seem like a curious truth seeker.

    Slight sickliness has been making the left side of head ache. Hope shunt's all good. If not, possible death.


  3. I could comment on the high quality of the post, but instead I just say that I <3 you for using the word "thrice", because it reminds me of an old golden girls episode where they try to incorporate "thrice" into song lyrics :D

  4. I am so sorry to molest this post twice with my comments, but I just needed to give you the link to this specific GG episode ;)


    at 5:00 onwards. You can thank me later ;)

  5. oh and btw, I think you're missing endurance because you're still sick not because you missed only a week of exercise lol

  6. I feel left out. Second post. I went to Spanish Banks yesterday. It's one of the few sand beaches we got in Vancouver. Family BBQ was the occasion. It was fun. I came back home beat and incapable of picking up brush or pencil to continue "The Sequel" for you.

    P.S. you're not flat and you are all the woman I'd ever need at least, hah hah. What's going on, I'm not even trying to mask this admiration I have of you.

    Good luck with Brain Hemorrhage week. I'll keep you posted if my recurring headaches on the left side of my head in fact is a Shunt malfunction. If it's the case, I'll be joining you in the obituaries. I'm thinking it's just a series of headaches though.

  7. Oh dear, do you have the disease formerly known as swine flu but is now H1N1? Don't worry, it's not that deadly, at this stage anyway.

    The perseverance and effort you both showed is most impressive - if only more journalists made as much effort.

    Most of us guys only need a woman who has bigger boobs than us, so you don't have to worry!

    On a more serious note, intelligence is much more important in the long run.