& if I die today, I'll be the happy phantom & I'll go chasing the nuns out in the yard


  1. I guess you're quoting Tori Amos. Those words are still hilarious. I can't say that I remember anything Miss Amos has done since "Crucify"

  2. and i'll run naked
    through the streets without my mask on
    and i will never need
    umbrellas in the rain

  3. I wrote a song recently. I'm convinced I've ripped off the song you're quoting with the melody line.

    But that's okay. Because if I was going to rip off anyone, I'd want it to be Tori.

  4. Little Earthquakes is still one of my favorites. I still remember being in florida and listening to "Winter" and the tears flowing...

    lovely picture.

  5. This is a lovely photograph :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog... to be honest i'm kind of surprised you somehow stumbled across it...
    im going to (shamefully admit) that ive browsed yours a few times before, after finding you through youtube a long time ago.. haha.

    thanks for your nice words, look forward to seeing more updates from you *follows* :) :)