another gratuitous post

So, I'm currently editing away at another project Hannah and I are working on. I won't say more than it starts with a "p" and ends in something that rhymes with "tornography". You wish I were kidding*. And true to my ever-generous fashion (that, or my gross-inability to keep things to myself), I have decided to bombard this space with some still shots from our shoots, most of which came from yesterday.

You may or may not see an appearance from my favourite Min. Now peruse:

*I really was kidding.


  1. The world isn't ready for new porn. We're still deciding what to do with old porn. I see that you're beautiful as ever, and that my brain continues to crisp up like bacon at the thought of you. Good talk, good talk. I'm gonna go shrivel up in a corner while creating imagery of you. Been getting a bit excentric with the depictions. I should probably quit while I'm behind but What the EfF

  2. I wish I weren't so lazy so I would learn how to work my Final Cut Express... I only did 1 video in FCE (and actually, it turned out great).

    Can't wait for your project ;)

  3. Ms Porridge, Ms Porridge.

    I go online for the very first time at my local library and the first page I go to is your 'porn' page! Now the librarians are looking at me funny and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

  4. Well everything you just said can and is being shot right back at you. It brings a smile to my face and a skip to my step to know you read my blog as you've been an 'IGA' inspired home grown hero of mine for some time.

    Hope all is well and you're not being overwhelmed by your general awesomeness. ;)