on ageing & the like

my first week of nineteendom is drawing to a close & i haven't had the chance to spill & sputter & shout the thank yous that are so rightly deserved.

so i crawled out of my mother's cut-open stomach some nineteen years ago, & while that's probably fascinating for some cultures, i feel like my birth anniversary was commemorated severely more than i thought it worthy (& for that, i am eternally grateful).

a package from my favourite overseas caveman, tediously crafted black notebooks (one from min, one from queenie) with drawings & pictures & sentences you wish you could lift from the pages & hug, & a thousand splendid feasts courtesy of the parentals-- only scratch the surface of why i had a magnificent birthday.

i can't thank everyone who made my day (nay, week) incredibly special. thank you. please allow me the next few seconds of sappycheese time to just announce how thrilled i am to be surrounded by you & in possession of friendship (or whatever form of kinship).

minnicus's fantasmically wonderfulmclarge video!!1!!!!1one!1

a trillion thank you's to everyone who contributed & made it such a beautiful video. i haven't been able to personalise thank you messages yet, but just know that the will is there, but the flesh is always weak. WEAK, i say.

anyway, the following picture will highlight the extent of my attractiveness. it should be noted that the picture was taken during a moment of SOBRIETY.


it's okay.
my friends are attractive.

again, thank you to all of you who made my birthday season so thrilling!
(hey dylan, happy belated birthday, mate. sorry i didn't get to greet you last week)

in other news, uni started back again, the cold weather is a kind of fury i would not wish on anyone, & i realised that my mother's bedpost looks like a dinosaur from the side.

i need to drive isabelle to school by seven thirty & i think some shuteye is in order!

of cannibals & companies

i just realised that i have the sensitivity of a cannibal.

hannah m (standing not for montana but rather my love) took me to her place of occupational goodness today because her boss required geeks who could play with final cut pro, as their projects are multiplying... long story short, i could have a (very) casual job in the industry i love, if my abilities permit.

illustrative representations of hanpie who hides from the camera & yours truly. (she's really pretty but you don't get to see, hah.)

my pheromones bring all the boys to the yard

above photos are from my twelve hour stopover in singapore.
i'm glad that technology has not yet enabled multi-sense-engaging images. the day scratch-n-sniff through the pc screen images are invented is the day humanity will question whether i give birth to onions & cow dung by the bucketload.

a.k.a. the sun was a bitch that day & i will not trouble you with a charming description of my perspiration :]

i'm home now & it's the kind of quiet that tastes like sad.

walang kwenta (no point)

i haven't had time to blog, which for internet-spawn-me is actually equivalent to breathing.

the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of errands & festivities & (un)familiar faces & this trip, by far, is the most hectic i've had of all my vacations.

a complete lack of time for the gym coupled with incessant eating has made me resemble a certain grey mammal with large ears & a trunk. gatherings & the abundance of families are big hindrances to frustrated anorexics.

anyway, just generating a little bustle. i'll be back to spam this space with a plethora of pictures WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

i leave in 2 days, bah.

oh, neil - thank for your early birthday present. a very sweet gesture.

of mosquitoes & massages.

i seem to have become the official teething ground for baby mosquitoes & adult mosquitoes alike, so much so that we can play advanced level connect-the-dots on my skin & make stupid constellations too.

so in true filipino style, i self-medicated as best i could, & subsequently went crazy with the vicks.

okay, i know of stigmata, which is the spontaneous bleeding & manifestation of bodily wounds, similar to the wounds of the crucified jesus... but i don't think spontaneous bruising in odd places is quite as socially acknowledged.

i regrettably did not get to take a picture of my 'knee-strills' & they have since faded. boo hiss.

& to part, i remember once getting a hater comment declaring that i was ugly because, "my face is not symmetrical", so uh, the following is a representation of my face if it were perfectly symmetrical:

...err, i kind of maybe doubt said hater's taste in facial alignment, & count me un-square, but SYMMETRY IS YUCK.


the news is terribly exciting today... which is a double-edged sword because what means good news value for readers is often tragic for the subjects. you can click on the screenshots to read the articles.