my pheromones bring all the boys to the yard

above photos are from my twelve hour stopover in singapore.
i'm glad that technology has not yet enabled multi-sense-engaging images. the day scratch-n-sniff through the pc screen images are invented is the day humanity will question whether i give birth to onions & cow dung by the bucketload.

a.k.a. the sun was a bitch that day & i will not trouble you with a charming description of my perspiration :]

i'm home now & it's the kind of quiet that tastes like sad.


  1. I once had a 12 hr stop over in Hong Kong. It was really cool. Me, my mom & brother took a bus tour of the city. Some indian ppl almost missed the bus @ pretty much every stop. There were German ppl too that weren't too pleasant either...Nobody talked to each other. Despite that it was pretty cool having to get off the tour bus early & taking in the nightly Night Market....

    Still in Toronto. It's burnin me up. I saw Baboons humping & Elephant urination....I must repeat this over & over & over...Niagara falls is a strange funky town...I like it.

  2. I've been told that singapors a real nice place but the smell and heat take time to get used to

  3. hey there writer !

    The line "it's the kind of quiet that tastes like sad" [i think that's what is was] is really evocative and i love it.

    I want to be e-bffs. I really do.

    I recently stalked you over to fictionpress and signed up. I have to learn how to make the word document thingies that they want. I havent really looked into what they want me to do yet. I should do that. <---Poor sentence structure? Check.

    Oh yes. I added you on nanowrimo as well. But I dont consider that stalking too too much cause I had an account there already. =D

    Hope you're having fun where ever you are now. Is this just a family trip?

  4. Onions and Cow Dung Eh...?

    I am guessing that you won't be releasing your own own themed perfume line then...?

    - The Skarlet Pimpernuckle

  5. I'm Singaporean, and I think that you and many foreigners alike tend to find themselves in spots that really doesn't represent Singapore. This place really is quite beautiful, and the weather is charming this time of year.