of cannibals & companies

i just realised that i have the sensitivity of a cannibal.

hannah m (standing not for montana but rather my love) took me to her place of occupational goodness today because her boss required geeks who could play with final cut pro, as their projects are multiplying... long story short, i could have a (very) casual job in the industry i love, if my abilities permit.

illustrative representations of hanpie who hides from the camera & yours truly. (she's really pretty but you don't get to see, hah.)


  1. wedding pics. on the other side.

  2. hi nikki!!!

  3. hey that's great you might have an editing job. good luck with that :)

  4. That's awesome you might have an actual editing job. How'd you swing that exactly?

    Darn you people and your connections.


    [nycotme. This is the word verification on my page. Apparently New York has caught me.]

  5. Ooooooh Industry job...what does that mean & involve?

    Video editing, hmmm....U don't get final cut, hah hah

    Meesa just had fun in Ottawa, Quebec City & Montreal