on ageing & the like

my first week of nineteendom is drawing to a close & i haven't had the chance to spill & sputter & shout the thank yous that are so rightly deserved.

so i crawled out of my mother's cut-open stomach some nineteen years ago, & while that's probably fascinating for some cultures, i feel like my birth anniversary was commemorated severely more than i thought it worthy (& for that, i am eternally grateful).

a package from my favourite overseas caveman, tediously crafted black notebooks (one from min, one from queenie) with drawings & pictures & sentences you wish you could lift from the pages & hug, & a thousand splendid feasts courtesy of the parentals-- only scratch the surface of why i had a magnificent birthday.

i can't thank everyone who made my day (nay, week) incredibly special. thank you. please allow me the next few seconds of sappycheese time to just announce how thrilled i am to be surrounded by you & in possession of friendship (or whatever form of kinship).

minnicus's fantasmically wonderfulmclarge video!!1!!!!1one!1

a trillion thank you's to everyone who contributed & made it such a beautiful video. i haven't been able to personalise thank you messages yet, but just know that the will is there, but the flesh is always weak. WEAK, i say.

anyway, the following picture will highlight the extent of my attractiveness. it should be noted that the picture was taken during a moment of SOBRIETY.


it's okay.
my friends are attractive.

again, thank you to all of you who made my birthday season so thrilling!
(hey dylan, happy belated birthday, mate. sorry i didn't get to greet you last week)

in other news, uni started back again, the cold weather is a kind of fury i would not wish on anyone, & i realised that my mother's bedpost looks like a dinosaur from the side.

i need to drive isabelle to school by seven thirty & i think some shuteye is in order!


  1. I'm so glad someone turns 19 before me.

    I'm the oldest of most of my IRL friends.

    Notice any wrinkles yet?

  2. notebooks that are like visual journals...I never did things like that myself.I prefer to stick them on my walls & floors. It all feels more alive, inspiring, and present to me that way but good on anybody that does that though

    Hmmmmm....why do U question the state of your attractiveness. U cause me to recall everything written or expressed visually or through sound on the subject, or maybe not. you'll never know, hah
    the truth remains with me.

    yeah I'm a fuck up...I mean a sucka 4 U, :-)

  3. I feel special seeing my name on your awesome blog. toot toot

  4. We are young,
    wandering the face of the earth
    Wondering what our dreams might be worth
    Learning that we're only imortal
    for a limited time

    (Neil Peart)

    Happy Birthday Nikki

  5. Nikki, are you saying that you were a C-section baby?