i'll think of a title later.

so maybe my absence has less to do with all the sod i've fed you about work & studies, & more to do with red carpet appearances & shoots with a certain boy whose name rhymes with "barry knotter".

haaaa, i am such a tit sometimes.

anyway, yesterday i got three compliments on my coffee-making abilities at work, one of which was from a semi-regular, self-proclaimed customer from hell ("large cappuccino, one third strength, two sweeteners with the milk extra extra hot"). she's been known to bring a coffee back three times in one session, armed without a smile. to my surprise, she comes up to me, tells me that the coffees i made her last time were fantastic & she'd like the same again.

in the midst of my extreme concentration on frothing her milk to perfection, she says "gosh, dont you have an attractive face!" to which i am totally caught off-guard, & being unable to think like a normal, rational individual who might, oh i dunno, smile nicely & say thank you or something similar with the grace of modesty,

i instead turn a beautiful, fake-blood shade of red & sputter "uh...ah...YOU'RE REALLY ATTRACTIVE!"
yeah, good one nikki.
not only did i look very much like a fledgling lesbian with a penchant for mothers, i looked like a fledgling lesbian with an equal penchant for mothers & for dunking my face repeatedly into bowl of beetroot.

in my defence, she really is attractive, with height like infinity & a waist (even after three births) like i've only ever dreamt of.

i probably burned her milk accidentally from my surprise, but conveniently that's how she likes it.

bitchy post coming up next; it's been in my head, in my hands, i just haven't had enough of that fickle time thing to gather my thoughts & type them out in their totality.

goodnight. i have university bright & early tomorrow. & maybe 5 phone interviews with my necessary contacts for my journo article, if i'm lucky. (fingers, toes & facial hair crossed)

nanapoo, i have your footage. will get it to you someday

ALSO, anonymous commenters, i hope you eventually decide to leave your names & links so i can hover around your spaces too like the ghost i've always wanted to be :D


p.s. i want to watch this:

happy to be busy

these glasses don't miss their frames, like these days don't miss their rest.

actually, i might be lying a little.
i do miss my rest, but i like blitzing through existence at a pace like a comet, a pace like stealth. at least for this chapter of my life.

am not incredibly well-versed on the etiquette of acquiring a man's attention while he is in serious conversation with guitar hero on wii, so i hovered by the couch & waited until jonesy (big boss man) died before i spat out my, "hi, you said last week you wanted to have a chat with me?"

this is a man i have no qualms about working for. there were pleasantries exchanged, there always are - he asked about my background & i found out about the company's humble begins. then he said that he's excited to have me on the team; he likes my work ethic & how i had the initiative to approach him for a talk.

as if landing a job i enjoy in the industry i adore is not karmic generosity enough, jones basically said that he wants me to get as much fulfillment from this job as i can, & if that means loitering around to take advantage of the studio space for my personal benefit, or borrowing the hi-tech equipment, or tagging along on the various shoots, then so be it. also, if i decide to up my hours & come in more days a week, this decision is also at my disposal. this is much like shoving a hundred dollars into my fist & dropping me off outside a 5dorra all-you-can-eat buffet & telling me that calories don't matter anymore because they go straight to the places that matter. like the boobs & the brains. seriously.

i heard surrealism was an art form, & if that's the case, i'm swimming in a canvas at an auction with too many zeros on the starting price.

anyway, i'm writing prose again in the margins of notebooks, graffitiing words in the walls of my head. shame that i couldn't do it of my own accord; it had to take writing prompts from narrative writing class to get me going. still, momentum is movement nonetheless, & the class tutor likes how "daring" the voice in my pieces are.

"You've fed her enough clich├ęs & honeyed prose, and it’s a good thing she’s no diabetic. Recently, you started throwing that elusive love word into the mixture, and just like she’s always been cautious & sparing with the butter when she bakes, she starts to abandon her steadfast conviction, the routine inhibition."
an excerpt from, my story 'some kind of everyday apathy'

i also think she's being too polite & teacherly to call me weird. she wants to; i can feel it.


"your children taste nice, especially after they put up a fight."


the following is a conversation i want to preserve. it occured this morning while i dried the dishes.

dad: where do you see yourself after you graduate?
me: dying young.
dad: kung gusto mo, pwede na rin kita patayin ngayon
(if you want, i can even kill you now)

i hand over the beautiful fat knife which, coincidentally, i had just finished drying up.

dad: what a waste of knife.
heh. lab yu tu dadderpillar.

there is apparently a last.fm page bearing my name. i am not the owner of said last.fm page, but if you are & you are reading this, please show yourself.

i like your sense of humour & i want to douse you in petrol (err eternal hugs!) because i assume this is what people in mutual love do :j




onto finer things,
it's well into the second week back at uni & this semester doesn't actually seem like a fate worse than getting your eyes gnawed out by seagulls. thank you, deities of academia, for finally allowing decent subjects to slip into my timetable!

old work (bakery) is it's usual coffee-making, bread-breaking self.
new work (media company) is fantastic! met a client & did my first project & rode the train home with a sense of quiet achievement.

for years now, i have been a certified internet addict, whispering in html & dreaming in 256bit pixel resolution. & as much as a shock (but welcome revelation) it is for me to say this, i'm a little bored of cyberspace. i don't know if it's the unspoken necessity of keeping up with every social-networking site out there & fueling our ever-invasive whims, or if i've come to the realisation that youtube just doesn't fascinate me anymore.

regardless, i'm digging fresh air (& its download speed into my lungs is intensely speedier than downloading youtube clips!) & human contact & sunshine. although, right now rain has decided to show off it's falling skills & ultimately obstruct my laundry drying time. whatever.

i'm off to the gym because i've intended to go since this morning, & downing an entire toblerone bar just now doesn't quite help my case.