the following is a conversation i want to preserve. it occured this morning while i dried the dishes.

dad: where do you see yourself after you graduate?
me: dying young.
dad: kung gusto mo, pwede na rin kita patayin ngayon
(if you want, i can even kill you now)

i hand over the beautiful fat knife which, coincidentally, i had just finished drying up.

dad: what a waste of knife.
heh. lab yu tu dadderpillar.

there is apparently a page bearing my name. i am not the owner of said page, but if you are & you are reading this, please show yourself.

i like your sense of humour & i want to douse you in petrol (err eternal hugs!) because i assume this is what people in mutual love do :j


  1. Your dad is pro. Let's do a collab video of The Prayer or maybe A Whole New World. hohoho.