i'll think of a title later.

so maybe my absence has less to do with all the sod i've fed you about work & studies, & more to do with red carpet appearances & shoots with a certain boy whose name rhymes with "barry knotter".

haaaa, i am such a tit sometimes.

anyway, yesterday i got three compliments on my coffee-making abilities at work, one of which was from a semi-regular, self-proclaimed customer from hell ("large cappuccino, one third strength, two sweeteners with the milk extra extra hot"). she's been known to bring a coffee back three times in one session, armed without a smile. to my surprise, she comes up to me, tells me that the coffees i made her last time were fantastic & she'd like the same again.

in the midst of my extreme concentration on frothing her milk to perfection, she says "gosh, dont you have an attractive face!" to which i am totally caught off-guard, & being unable to think like a normal, rational individual who might, oh i dunno, smile nicely & say thank you or something similar with the grace of modesty,

i instead turn a beautiful, fake-blood shade of red & sputter "uh...ah...YOU'RE REALLY ATTRACTIVE!"
yeah, good one nikki.
not only did i look very much like a fledgling lesbian with a penchant for mothers, i looked like a fledgling lesbian with an equal penchant for mothers & for dunking my face repeatedly into bowl of beetroot.

in my defence, she really is attractive, with height like infinity & a waist (even after three births) like i've only ever dreamt of.

i probably burned her milk accidentally from my surprise, but conveniently that's how she likes it.

bitchy post coming up next; it's been in my head, in my hands, i just haven't had enough of that fickle time thing to gather my thoughts & type them out in their totality.

goodnight. i have university bright & early tomorrow. & maybe 5 phone interviews with my necessary contacts for my journo article, if i'm lucky. (fingers, toes & facial hair crossed)

nanapoo, i have your footage. will get it to you someday

ALSO, anonymous commenters, i hope you eventually decide to leave your names & links so i can hover around your spaces too like the ghost i've always wanted to be :D


p.s. i want to watch this:


  1. Hahaha! You make me laugh! You're one smooth groover, Nikki-dear.

  2. nikki, i enjoyed this post especially when you wrote "height like infinity." i was thinking if you got it somewhere or it's an original so i googled it for shits and giggles. "No results found for "height like infinity."" you win.

  3. SO when are we gonna take in "Hari Puttar"?

    coincidentally I've just spent most of the last few weeks of my summer reading the 1st & second Harry Potter books that I've strangely left unread until now. I gotta say that now I prefer the novel version of "Chamber of Secrets" vastly more compared to the film.

    Hmmmm....You should of said to her "thank's for noticing that I'm damn hot, you're no slouch yourself, & laugh"

    I eliminated a post on my blogger that may? have been about U but that's for me to know & nobody else. later

  4. Tell me that picture is photo shopped. It'd better be, missy.


    x e x e u r s x e.

    [if you can decode the message/ditty let me know]

  5. sigh. how i secretly wish to be you, even if you do seem quite bonkers to random coffee buyers.
    i know that really, you're just genius (and maybe just a liiiittle bit bonkers)

    luuuurv, kira

    okay. i was totally about to ask you if "hari puttar" comes out in the U.S., only to realize just in time before posting my comment, that you live in australia. go me.

  6. oh ummmm one more thing

    Avada Kedavra!!!!!!!

    hah hah hah hah...

  7. I'm so happy that even gorgeous people like you don't know how to handle compliments ;) makes me feel less alone in my awkwardness :D

  8. there's so many (great) things to say about you, but I'm going to be lame and just say you're amazing. sometimes i wish i was you.


  9. haha thats photoshopped right? man for a second my heart leapt. thats so funny i was just re-reading half blood prince over the last 3 days as well.

  10. You should say "You will drink the coffee I make for you bitch"