apparently the upside-down jellyfish produces its own food in it's belly.
that might actually be a convenience of sorts, like sliced bread, like a catheter to piss in while you sleep.

but i eat, not out of necessity or pity for the rumbling stomach, i eat for the thrill! it's in the process, people, in the process.

i will never join your ranks, dear jellyfish.

i said a bitchy post was due last time, but as it turns out i'm actually a liar. or just fickle. whatever the case, i'm in a good place & no longer feel the need to whine & flail my arms. let's keep it this way shall we, dear arsehole. you know who you are.

& on a note of finality,
i can feel that is teetering at the cusp of being my (favourite) unhealthy new obsession... which will be highly impractical considering the complete scarcity of my time already.



  1. jellyfish makes me think spongebob

    nice look U rockin there Nikki. I've always leaned a bit more towards getting ppl to wonder of what's going on in my head...for some reason I never really felt like clothes & those that make them are brave enough to make something that's visually interesting yet fully comfortable....

    now I'm ranting, oh eff :-D

  2. i think it's a lovely new obsession - remind me to stay away from it.
    i can already foresee the sleepless nights ahead.

  3. hey babe, girl I just stumbled onto your youtube videos, and spent the best part of 2 hours looking through your clips (okay, thats a lie, do you even have 2 hours worth of clips? who knows), and you know what I think? your totally unique and weird...I mean, I'd love to go out with you, cept you just need to tone down the weirdness a bit...maybe a lvl 7 or 8 will do :) talk to ya later hun!

  4. Great writing Nikki, you've really got a way with words. And crude imagery ;)

  5. i'm stalking you on my blog and I AIN'T KIDDING!
    anyway check it out perhaps if you're so inclined, DON'T MAKE ME BE PERSUASIVE!

    anyway, comment you later... since I'm not technically talking.

  6. Please do not mock Jellyfish. They are not so bad IF you get to know them... (though they are not cuddly, and a bit spineless perhaps, but it's not their fault - it's a genetic thing).

    Cusp is a nice word. You should use it more often.

    Don't overlook crux either, though it does sound a little infected. Whine is a funny old word, try not to avoid it too much... (Whine me, dine me - I forget how the rest of this ditty goes...)

    Happy day to you. Enjoy the things. And remember, it's not the size that counts, only how big they are/is...

    Hope you didn't read this. It is not fit for human consumption, that is for sure.

    I finish now with words of wisdom and some sage advice... Indeed, the following words are perhaps the most important thing ANYONE who is reading this page will EVER read...

    Are you ready?

  7. Hey I totally <3 your style :)