took the above picture in the journalism lab @ uni with an apple isight webcam that does not belong to me. i promised hughberry that i'd have our faces immortalised somehow, & if mugs & rash cream tubes aren't such viable options for our handsome ways, then this blog will have to suffice.

just in case you care, hugh pronounces his consonants the way quails eat their young - i.e. WITH MATERNAL CARE, & LOTS OF IT. 'pristine' is the only way i can describe the 'b' when he pronounces 'obviously'. glottal-stopping-burp-sounding obbbbbviously!

hence, making sure to taste all vowels & consonants prior to spitting them out is now a new goal of mine.

& just in case you still care, my other goal is to be a perky loudmouth, yelling through a dehydrated throat & typhoons of perspiration.

i want to be a fitness instructor.

DON'T YOU BE JUDGING MY PHYSIQUE JUST YET. clearly i know i've still got some leanness & meanness to achieve, but oh how the thought of leading a body combat / body pump class excites me. working up a sweat & feeling the faint tingle of tired muscles is incredibly therapeutic, more so than talking to soup cans & ghosts. more therapeutic than emptying the bladder even (& that is clearly saying something)! ENDORPHINES ARE A TRUE STORY, YO!

sigh, if only breathing wasn't such a chore these days & free-time wasn't a myth.

& just in case you care, there's a storm hitting our trees & skies.
all i can think of is that my internal tempests beat him to the wrath.


  1. Hmm, college newsrooms across the world must be the same, because I slack off just as much as you.

  2. work it out all U want Nikki

    If U wanna lead the charge against *obesity* go right ahead. I like soup cans & talking to ghosts. They were both parts of a book I just finished that I enjoyed deeply called "The Jade Peony" (OK maybe not the soup cans)

    If there's a storm coming I hope U have an excellent storm shelter. Free time isn't a myth. You have to make it. I recently made some free time to see Alicia Keys in concert. OMFG she's FUCKIN GENIUS in concert.

    with that thought now in your head I quote *NSYNC & say "BYE, BYE, BYE, bye bye!"

  3. Yo.. from the sounds of it, you seem to have as much of a mix of asian on the outside and black or some other race on the inside... thumbs up!

    stop stealing my ideas.. losing sanity and calling it overrated is just sooo patented... i dunno what im talking about but im right..

    So. answer this question and ill give you the rights..: what city are you from?

    Cheers from sydney, with all of my sanity,

    J-unit ... aka Jim asian Yip

  4. 5 grand to become a fitness instructor. 2 months of intense 9-5 classes or you could just enroll in my course :P DO IT

  5. i'd hire you as my fitness instructor. when i'm rich and famous i'll fly you over here and we can live a life of toned glamour.

  6. your hair looks nice in that picture. also, although i don't know you at all, i think you should go for being a fitness instructor. it would be different.

  7. So I guess you uni folk don't have any holidays. It scares me now =\

    wow, so you want to be a fitness instructor, ey?
    Well, always remember to believe in yourself! (and to breathe!).

    oh and.. I didn't notice a storm.

  8. Your posts are always enjoiable to read.
    Greetings from the other side of the world.

  9. They should be more popular for their versatility. I find it great for blues and classic rock, but it shines real well for all sorts of heavier music. The sustain on this Swamp is unreal! This one sings through a vintage tube amp with overdrive.


  10. & just in case you still care, my other goal is to be a perky loudmouth, yelling through a dehydrated throat & typhoons of perspiration.

    i want to be a fitness instructor

    ha ! this is funny. I had a girlfriend who taught Aerobics and loved it...

    the pic is cute.