the train is not a decent place to have a semi-breakdown.

no, i'm not okay with circumstance.

stuff & things.

woke up with undereyes the colour of some cesspool swarming with a ridiculous number of flies, as well as enough snot in the lungs & thryoid to make a decent e-bay sell.

here is a charming picture because exposing the sick & vulnerable is the sexiest kind of cruelty:

anyway, the triple j hack half hour's new series kicked off on the abc on monday night. my words are dull & resemble the thuds of slamming doors, so i'll assault you with visual screenshots instead:

& fangirl-time

i had a cameo for the duration of 2.38 words or maybe the lifespan of paris hilton's piety - take your pick. i didn't turn on the television then, but it is available for plunder online. i haven't watched it yet because of (a) my scarcity of time, (b) australia's broadband system is expensive & slow, & (c) i have the patience of high-rolling tycoons.

like i said, i haven't watched it yet, but recalling the taping session, everyone's favourite communitychannel had a little segment. if you don't watch it for the content, watch it for the optical-splendour that is natalie. actually, it was because of her niceness(/pity) that i was on the show too. i got a call from the show's producer saying that natalie thought i'd be interested in being on the show too & she subsequently passed along my deets. hell yeah, mother-trucker.

oh & just so you know, the poor choice of fashion does not rest on my shoulders. i came rocking a dark blue knit sweater, you know, conservative & classy, (JUST LIKE MY FACE!) only to have it deemed 'too dark' for the set. the first article of clothing thrust in my direction resembled fresh emesis created from driving too fast around sharp curves after eating grilled prawns, baked lasagne & choc cake too heartily. plus the spiteful excuse of a garment had frills reminiscent of something victorians would wear. so the verdict rested between an autistic kid's vertigo or the fresh-green retch juice, & had it been up to you, you would've picked the same.

anyway, i'm going to skedaddle. have to do interview(s) for assignments. have i mentioned how much journalism & i have a mutual-detestation? I AM TOO SHY FOR THIS COURSE. "h-h-h-h-h-hi i'm n-n-n-ni-kick-k-k-k-kicki-i".

& bakery-barista duties call in a few hours time too. ugh.


took the above picture in the journalism lab @ uni with an apple isight webcam that does not belong to me. i promised hughberry that i'd have our faces immortalised somehow, & if mugs & rash cream tubes aren't such viable options for our handsome ways, then this blog will have to suffice.

just in case you care, hugh pronounces his consonants the way quails eat their young - i.e. WITH MATERNAL CARE, & LOTS OF IT. 'pristine' is the only way i can describe the 'b' when he pronounces 'obviously'. glottal-stopping-burp-sounding obbbbbviously!

hence, making sure to taste all vowels & consonants prior to spitting them out is now a new goal of mine.

& just in case you still care, my other goal is to be a perky loudmouth, yelling through a dehydrated throat & typhoons of perspiration.

i want to be a fitness instructor.

DON'T YOU BE JUDGING MY PHYSIQUE JUST YET. clearly i know i've still got some leanness & meanness to achieve, but oh how the thought of leading a body combat / body pump class excites me. working up a sweat & feeling the faint tingle of tired muscles is incredibly therapeutic, more so than talking to soup cans & ghosts. more therapeutic than emptying the bladder even (& that is clearly saying something)! ENDORPHINES ARE A TRUE STORY, YO!

sigh, if only breathing wasn't such a chore these days & free-time wasn't a myth.

& just in case you care, there's a storm hitting our trees & skies.
all i can think of is that my internal tempests beat him to the wrath.


apparently the upside-down jellyfish produces its own food in it's belly.
that might actually be a convenience of sorts, like sliced bread, like a catheter to piss in while you sleep.

but i eat, not out of necessity or pity for the rumbling stomach, i eat for the thrill! it's in the process, people, in the process.

i will never join your ranks, dear jellyfish.

i said a bitchy post was due last time, but as it turns out i'm actually a liar. or just fickle. whatever the case, i'm in a good place & no longer feel the need to whine & flail my arms. let's keep it this way shall we, dear arsehole. you know who you are.

& on a note of finality,
i can feel that is teetering at the cusp of being my (favourite) unhealthy new obsession... which will be highly impractical considering the complete scarcity of my time already.