this sign is telling you that you are not allowed to piss here! kindly take your urine elsewhere! go, go, go, shoo!

anyway, i am stepping out now for some drinks with old friends! not the 87 kind of old because i don't have that kind of maturity, ok!



last night i headed to "rockaoke" night at the mag:net cafe / bar with miguel, whose relationship with me i won't disclose because you won't believe me anyway. & yes, totally town-ing it up on a monday night, i know!

the venue housed a small stage & an enthusiastic crowd & friendly bar help. was wonderful to see everyone not taking themselves very seriously. i picked "don't dream its over" from the lineup & screamed it with the charm of hungry lions.

quark henares, film-director extraordinaire (in white, pictured below), graced the venue during the later part of the evening, & he was just naturally amusing & i wanted to tell him that he was fascinating like fairies, but then some kind of inherent circumcision & castration happened & i lost the balls to tell him so. turns out he is also my uncle paul's friend. #W%^TG*&U (cue vague memories of dad telling me the name 'quark henares'...)

miguel urinated approximately nine times that night, & i, once. however, my sole visit to the restroom was probably lengthier than the total of his because i did the scenester thing & took some obligatory bathroom pictures. trippy picture below was really hanging atop the dunny; i shit you not:

with the resident band "oven toaster" kicking up the program with a rendition of "can't take my eyes off you", they already won my appeal. my teenage hormones also dictated that i was in lust with the guitarist / frontman, & as such, creepy lurker photos came into fruition...

& i went full-circle with my fangirling & harassed the band for a picture with them.
babyporridge + oven toaster for the win!
edible items + appliances = IT'S MEANT TO BE, BETCH!



my flight leaves at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.
which means i should be at the airport by 6.
which means feet & steady hands should be leaving the house by 5.
which means i should be rising in approximately five hours.

this time tomorrow, i'll be in another timezone :]
see you all elsewhere, kids!

this post was not written with any semblance of flair.
here, i found a picture from two thousand & six.


australium idle.

queen-bee braved her supreme lack of sleep & the cold & my insanity, & we loitered around for the australian idol auditions. several times during the day, my desire to urinate & my desire to see james & andrew entertaining in the waiting hall overrode my desire to make it past the first audition round, ahaha.

i am an australian idol rejecttttt.

but in all honesty, there is a reason for the existence of passion, in as much as there is a reason for rejection. i've still got lots to learn, higher pitches to reach, & more presence to attain. however, while making it on 'australian idol' is a definite acknowledgment of your potential & an achievement to envy, it's not the only acknowledgment the winds will offer.

"What you still need to know is this: before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream."
~ The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho

i left my desire to make it in the mainstream world back with my thirteen year old jeans, which i've since unbuttoned & frayed. definitely, i've still got a lot of roads to walk, but i know i've got an avenue with it's own charmingly dimmed lights & nostalgic smell.

the overnight loss of anonymity is still a thought that scares me more than sharp teeth & jagged edges. with that comes the emergence of fickle fans & people who judge you on face value & oh god i can't have that, with a face like mine.

on the topic of face value & such, here is a picture with andrew g. of channel ten / channel v fame, who is actually infinitely more articulate in his own space than tv (& my bad judgement) give him credit for:

i was unfortunate & did not get a picture with james matheson. boo hiss.

aaand my obligatory two minute 'australian idol' video: