this sign is telling you that you are not allowed to piss here! kindly take your urine elsewhere! go, go, go, shoo!

anyway, i am stepping out now for some drinks with old friends! not the 87 kind of old because i don't have that kind of maturity, ok!



  1. You mean to say I can't piss in your blog anymore? Fine.

    (Sounds like you are having a lovely time in the Philippines!) =D

  2. damn no pissing? thank god someone invented this magical device called the toilet

  3. Your glasses make me wanna Robot. I like.

  4. I think U should piss on the wall to spite them...that's what somebody out for drinks would do, hah hah

    Do it Big Daddy Style. Show a small kid how to pee on the wall discretely, :-P

  5. I want a sign like that! For my room (: