last night i headed to "rockaoke" night at the mag:net cafe / bar with miguel, whose relationship with me i won't disclose because you won't believe me anyway. & yes, totally town-ing it up on a monday night, i know!

the venue housed a small stage & an enthusiastic crowd & friendly bar help. was wonderful to see everyone not taking themselves very seriously. i picked "don't dream its over" from the lineup & screamed it with the charm of hungry lions.

quark henares, film-director extraordinaire (in white, pictured below), graced the venue during the later part of the evening, & he was just naturally amusing & i wanted to tell him that he was fascinating like fairies, but then some kind of inherent circumcision & castration happened & i lost the balls to tell him so. turns out he is also my uncle paul's friend. #W%^TG*&U (cue vague memories of dad telling me the name 'quark henares'...)

miguel urinated approximately nine times that night, & i, once. however, my sole visit to the restroom was probably lengthier than the total of his because i did the scenester thing & took some obligatory bathroom pictures. trippy picture below was really hanging atop the dunny; i shit you not:

with the resident band "oven toaster" kicking up the program with a rendition of "can't take my eyes off you", they already won my appeal. my teenage hormones also dictated that i was in lust with the guitarist / frontman, & as such, creepy lurker photos came into fruition...

& i went full-circle with my fangirling & harassed the band for a picture with them.
babyporridge + oven toaster for the win!
edible items + appliances = IT'S MEANT TO BE, BETCH!



  1. I'm gonna guess Miguel is a cousin or some sort of childhood friend...Dammit I love guessing.

    So did U knock back a few Red Horse Beers. hah hah. I'd live kara-o-ke for U. They'd have to know some old school Hip Hop jams to really make me crazy

  2. hey i want more pic goodness.

    ps i have replaced the mother of the ex wog with another mother of another wog.
    I wasn't aware terry's mom could cook. i live there now.

  3. rnb, it's a bit weirder than that. I'm her dad's cousin. Which makes me her uncle. ;)


  4. hmmm..Miguel, it's strange but not that strange for Filipinos.

    I have second cousins who are closer in age to my parents and ones that are around my age. I have a l'il 3 year old cousin who is 2 weeks younger than his nephew, the son of another cousin.

    Large families=awkward to explain familial relationships. hah hah

  5. Hey Nikki I hope your having a blast over there