my flight leaves at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.
which means i should be at the airport by 6.
which means feet & steady hands should be leaving the house by 5.
which means i should be rising in approximately five hours.

this time tomorrow, i'll be in another timezone :]
see you all elsewhere, kids!

this post was not written with any semblance of flair.
here, i found a picture from two thousand & six.



  1. have a great time in the Phillipines....Hmmm...Birthday surprise gift will come to the email that u got linked up on youtube. probably a few attachments worth.
    Am I giving too much away?

    On July 23 I'll be in the skies returning from Toronto. later

  2. wow you're flying back here in the Philippines?

    wai ^^ I want an autograph *ish thinking of stalking you* haha (~_~)