foolishness and fervour

So my local paper contacted me for a profile piece interview since I am a finalist in this year's Australian National Youth Week. I happily obliged like any bona-fide publicity junkie, and made arrangements to meet the journalist lady in my natural habitat i.e. my house. This idea was met with parental disdain and I was told to 'meet elsewhere'. No sweat, except for an easy phone-call to change arrangements, right?

WELL KIDS, this is where you luck out on a story, on account of I am a very foolish lady! I rang the office, only to speak with the editor, explaining that ah-well-I'm-supposed-to-be-interviewed-but-I-uh-foolishly-forgot-to-note-down-the-reporter's-name-and-well-I'd-like-to-speak-with-her-please. And the editor was accommodating... after she burst into a spontaneous chorus of hysterics. I'm not talking obligatory polite chuckle after the supermarket checkout man cracks an unfunny comment about your vegetables ('What do you call epileptic lettuce?' -What?- 'Seizure salad', ba-dum-ching). I'm talking the kind of laughter only reserved for Flight of the Conchords and really inappropriate moments. I like to think conversation with me was the single-most defining moment of her career. So yes, I may be old and obsolete in a month's time, but I will still have relevance as pathetic entertainment value!

Back to being an ANYW finalist, clearly it's something I can add to my list of potential reasons for why I am a great catch, sitting in between 'I am not allergic to your cooking' and 'I can consistently look like I am in need of sleep'. I don't intend to win, and I did not ask for votes this year (Voting closed two days ago). Some of you loyal readers may recall me being in the same position last year, and extending a plea for votes. YouTube responded kindly, I won, and I was and am still very much appreciative. This year though, I didn't have any insatiable burning pride for my composition, so I didn't bother asking for support. I don't want to be someone constantly dependent on the support of her subscribers, so please, please give me a decent roundhouse kick to the face when and if I become that way.

Just in case you care, today marks my two year anniversary with YouTube. I thought it would be lovely to have a video up for today, but my intentions are as weak as Stephanie Meyer's writing flair (oh I went there!), and they invariably fell flat of materialising. I haven't been prolific in video-making this past year, but I feel recharged and inspired to give my channel an overhaul. I have been putting something together, a re-introduction of sorts, which I will put up within the next few days. Still shots from said project:

To attest my seriousness in a channel overhaul, I opted to forgo the trusty webcam, and actually filmed with the DVcam. Jump cuts will be banished! Sequences will be utilised! Final Cut Pro will prove victorious over iMovie! Water will taste like badly fermented beer! In short, I don't wanna be an amateur no more.

Aaaand I've been playing around with image post-processing lately, as can be seen on the new blog page banner and the following image:

As I am the most accessible and practical model for, my post-processing frenzy has undoubtedly lent itself as a valid excuse for cam-whoring, mmhm!

I even lookbook'd:

Also, my stomach is currently purring like a whiney cat. I think the acidity (lime, baby, lime!) of my dinner is not being especially kind. Yes, I discovered that lime, pepper and salt make a decent salad dressing. Lime is deliciouuuuus, mmm.

Time for goodnight, si?
Buenas noches.

Oh, post script, if you're keen, I made an mp3 of 'I am giving you a chance to walk away' available for download. But that's only if you want. I don't want to be accused of cyber-bullying!


  1. What's that coming out of your hand?
    Could it be the mojo that allows you to write such wondeful musical treats?

    At first I resisted the (slightly) more refined style of the song. The guitar sounds distant and hollow. You see, I've always liked the simple, clean guitar and vocals of your other stuff. But in the end your loveley voice won me over. Very nice.

  2. I loved that Stephanie Meyer burn hahaha so glad you went there...I never expect that voice to come out of you its so it...and of course I downloaded it haha

  3. Most captivating is your discussion of recent days. Looks like it will be an epic video reintroduction. I thought your video for the best job in the world contest worked great as a reintroduction. I'd really like to draw that MASSIVE plant beside you.

  4. New babyporridge videos. I like me the sound of that.
    New downloadable Nikki music. I like me the sound of thaaaaaaaaat.

  5. Hmmm... it's weirdly typical of me that I don't care in the slightest however much you try to put yourself down, I still love you.

  6. Nikki, congratulations on the ANYW this year. I look forward to hearing it. I like your new glamour banner :) good to to see you continuing to be creative and challenging yourself. best with all your new endeavors.

  7. you're definitely not amateur material. Besides that, my made up psychic powers tell me that you will succeed!

    Seriously though, you ever see someone really talented and you just KNOW that they'll go on to do grea things? Yeah, you're one of those people.

    Oh and send me vibes of goodness so I can find some success in a sea of...not so much success?

    and before I go, no coherent comment can match the satisfaction a long HAHHAHAHAHAHA gives. I love it

  8. yeah, there was supposed to be a t at the end of that grea lol

  9. just thought you should know your blogs keep me sane even at the most confusing of days. And just to prove to you this information was well worth sharing, my CEO is right behind me, preparing to fire my ass for not doing my work. nyahaha kidding, but seriously, I love it. You are quite the inspiration, whether you believe it or not =P

    that odd singing chick on youtube who you previously met on SYTYCD.

  10. That song is top stuff btw. Super excited for your new and improved image and the fofo's look awesome. Perhaps the destruction (or at least the mild beating and overtaking) of communitychannel has begun?

    Fingers crossed.