Love, etc.

I am sipping Muscato from an ikea glass as I type up this blog entry. Drinking by myself in the presence of HTML is clearly the most redeeming aspect of my life. Since university is done for the semester, I have nothing but infinite relief and a desire to kick children. Some parts of aforementioned sentence may or may not be false.

I was watching The Burning Plain, typical of Guillermo Arriaga's screenplay style (Babel, 21 Grams), & I am now compelled to divulge my love for J.D. Pardo.

Now I realise, I disclose new loves about as frequently as I fulfill the necessary function of pissing, but let this habit not detract you from noting how real all my loves are. I also love having minimal cellulite and un-chapped lips.

Oh...AND HAYLEY G HOOVER. I love Hayley G. Hoover!

She's so beautiful... she could be a part-time model.

And I digress!
Yesterday, I accompanied Dad to his workmate's wedding, for the purpose of flexing the photographic muscle.

We weren't commissioned or asked, so this was purely for the practice. Goran and Michelle, the gorgeous couple:

Aaaaand, I leave you with a moneyshot that the papa took:

Sorry for a verbally-uninspiring entry. I'll attempt to man up, and blog about real issues next time. Real issues like sneakers not costing that much cheaper even with little kid slaves making them!


  1. Michelle reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar...or a bridal buffy the vampire slayer? Nevertheless, she does look stunning and so do the photos[:

  2. I wouldn't know where to start looking for Flight of the Concords references. You're quite the budding Wedding Photographer. Ever consider following the lead of Adam Sandler by offering to perform your rendition of Rappers Delight?

    I need to recover from 10 days + 2 flights to my birthplace Regina, Saskatchewan.

  3. Muscato is an awesome dessert wine. Very sweet, and hence I'm not surprised that you drink it.

    Bride is a little thin compared to my South American tastes.

  4. haha, love the introduction with first photo.

    creative excursion day? sounds interesting :)

  5. Were you serious about finding the FoTC references? I fail for only picking up the 'you could be a part-time model' line. Did the Ikea glass cost $2.79? Eh, I tried.