least attractive picture ever...

...but I have to show it regardless:

This image says, "I finally reached the gym for the first time in a week." Take that, filthy flu & lousy immune system!

You just can't fake this kind of elation. Really, you can't.


  1. lol it's a fantastic picture!

  2. It's too late for me now. I find every cringe attempting part of you attractive. Please pray for my well being Nikki.

  3. Great picture!

  4. I fee like quoting Kate Nash.

    Watching me like you never watched no one
    dont tell me that you didnt try to check out my bum
    cause i know that you did cause your friend told me that you liked it
    gave me those poles and i thought they were ugly
    though you try to tell me that you never loved me, i know that you did
    cause you said it and you wrote it down.

  5. hahahaha... I get a buzz out of your blog.. you are shameless and entertaining at the same time..

    well keep it I know how you feel being all sweaty an all with our goal to say goodbye to the flab haha..

    hasta la próxima vez