quick rah rah

hi, in tasmania - eating lots & eating some more.
i've had approximately half an hour on the internet in the past six days - it's been incredibly refreshing to get away from all the negative energy.

just quickly though - http://au.youtube.com/user/TrulyTrixy69 - is being an absolute asshole & is using my picture as profile picture & starting shit with people. how does one get such a user suspended?

help please?
updates in five days upon return. hope you're all well, guys!



  1. Sure - just go to their profile and under their (or rather, your) profile picture, just click the linky thing that says "report profile image violation".

    At least I hope that's what it's for... because I've already clicked it :p

    What are you up to in Tassie? Such a jetsetter. Enjoy, and post your excursions upon return, k?

  2. I'm sure that crumblyhalfthoughts suggestion should work. Just contact admins at youtube.

    Tasmania...come across any of the infamous Devils yet and take it as your pet?

    I'm back to the @ school grind...uhh yeah, jealous. hah hah

  3. Hey hun, here's a url & follow the steps:


    You could also go directly and email the Partner Support. I hear they respond pretty quickly.

    Come back soon <3

  4. I went through the youtube help thing, and it just said that in the case of impersonation, you need to contact them (youtube) with the problem and tell them who is impersonating you. I'm hoping with your magical partner abilities, it can be handled quickly. Why the hell do people go out of their way to do things like this? This is the reason I maintain a love-hate relationship with people lol

  5. I sent her/him/it a nice message, I'm sooo mature for 25 :P

  6. My advice is to get off that Island
    babyfreakingporridge no wonder your sleeping. I dont know how I bounced around and ended up in here but gosh I am so glad you quit the bakery. The part of your brain that holds words & puts them together, works far to well to be asking do you want loaf sliced. Please start writing for money while you at uni... and send your work to me.
    Re- TrulyTrixy69 is that you in the little 70's vest or has she taken you down? It doesnt look like you so I didnt leave abuse ..very disapointing after being all worked up.
    Since this is my first post at yours or any blog as I find this stuff such a waste of time, as I could also be sleeping... My view on sanity and Elvis is one really has to lose their sanity & have met the King to hold such an opinion. He was quite hurt that you felt he was overated.