Things that start with 'B'

The carrier of the Nikki-fetus birthdayed it up on Tuesday, & as such, we celebrated in swanky dinner style. 'Birthdayed' is also a commonly accepted verb. Starting now.

Now, in every well-enlightened, dinner-buying daughter's life, there comes a point where she realises how thankful she is for not being a cyclops. Had I been a well-enlightened, dinner-buying daughter, this point would have come on Tuesday night, upon witnessing the appetizer portions which sold for the cost of an eye. & possibly kidneys.

The offending dishes were conveniently scrumptious. (Exhibit A is a crabcake. Exhibit B is squid & pork. We shared.)

Exhibits C & D may also be (falsely) hailed as scrumptious. (& dad's head is impaled by none other than the harbour bridge, cool):

for my title to remain true, it would be useful if my next point of discussion is aptly called the "Blight of the Conchords". Unfortunately, truth will not be dining with us tonight, so "Flight of the Conchords" it is! In any case, I think "F" is far sexier than "B", especially when used before "uck you". Sorry, "buck you". I just don't think you have quite the same pizazz.

I am completely & utterly enamored with Bret & Jemaine of "FoC" notoriety. I may or may not have watched, re-watched, downloaded for itouch enjoyment, re-watched, & neglected necessary bodily functions...

The song starts at 2:33, but if you have any sense of common, you will devour the clip in its entirety. Ah, youtube, you have proved useful to me once again!

Goodnight kidlets, may the farce be with you!
Five sleeps til Manila Vanilla (:


  1. Wish your mother "Maligayang kaarawan" for me.

    Safe travels!

  2. From those awesome pictures it looked like your mom had a awesome birthday! Speaking of birthdays, mine is on the 26th! I'm thinking since you probably can't afford to buy that awesome food for me, you're now obligated to leave a comment in my channel!

    (OK so you aren't REALLY obligated but it would rock if you did!)

  3. Awwww....You're such a sweet daughter to your mother. Dinner looks good. If I make my way to Sydney we should do such things such as devouring crab cakes but maybe somewhere more grimey straight up Asian kick back style where U don't like to eat in but do it anyways.

    A place where they tell U "Don't worry, tastes like Chicken" :-P
    Or we could do Indian food. Have some Saag Paneer and love it for me please.

    I enjoy Farce...and Irony...and of late Tragedy in classic stage Dramas. Oh and Emerson's writing is great, there's just too many pages in each of his works. American Lit. , I'm already feeling the love/hate

  4. Hi Nikki

    I had a comment about your YouTube account.

    I discovered it a couple of months ago and became quite a fan of your music.

    Since your videos are down now and I can't listen anymore are you planning on releasing the occasional song on your blog as mp3?

    I wouldn't mind a few tracks for my iPod.


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