home & astray?

Hello, i am back home, smelling slightly of aircraft snobbery & elderflower juice!
I don't care if i'm actually lying heartily through my descriptions because you have no way of sniffing me & proving otherwise, ha!

Word & image recollections from the past two weeks to stink up this space like uninvited dog shit on your freshly cut lawn. After some much desired sleep.

I leave with one parting gem of wisdom - it is wise to check the weather of your destination prior to reaching it, so that you might pack appropriate clothing & not suffer a fate that feels unnaturally like eternal hypothermia! TASMANIAN SUMMER, I RESENT THE MOCKING WAYS OF YOUR ICY FINGERS.



  1. Nothing like a bit of elderflower juice, though it's got nothing on uninvited dog shit.

    And that's the tooth.

  2. hope you had fun

  3. I think the day you posted this it was -30 C where I was (lowest temp on record, etc.)

    hope you were able to shut down any and all "hater" (a.k.a abusive) accounts.