felicitations from several thousand miles away

Currently updating from Singapore airport, where everything is clean & splendid like immaculate concepcion.

On the seven hour flight, my plan of attaining some catch up sleep took a backseat to my consumption of video mediaaa. For some really unnecessary accretion, here is what I watched: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Sixty Six, one episode of Flight of the Conchords (HUZZZZAH), two episodes of Californication, one episode of Pushing Daisies, & one episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

I will undermine you, Mr. Pop-up. I will log back in even after you throw me out like used toilet paper!



  1. I enjoyed Nick & Norah's infinite playlist. The supporting characters were only a bit eccentric rather than over the top. The leads were likable and NYC was filmed beautifully with a lot of character. The city was a character. I love when location is used skillfully.
    The mutual interest in music of the leads was used like an interesting detail to enhance what was already pretty entertaining. All the great comedic talents in bit parts helped too.

    So what's Sixty Six? I've heard something of everything else you've mentioned.

    I miss Malcolm in the Middle for Tania Raymonde's sometimes obsessive friend/girlfriend to Malcolm. Not to mention she was brilliant in her much too short lived stint on LOST, one of my favorite TV shows.

    Epic response...Did I mention before that an old family friend who had a brother living in Singapore used to always call Singapore uhhh...Singapoo, heh heh

    Ok, done...Have a great trip Nikki

  2. now your in singapore? you seem to be quite the jet-setter miss.Porridge

    hope you have fun

  3. hey ure in Singapore!(= haha i am from Singapore! and man, i must admit iam a frequent visitor of your blog and videos!! its simple awesome!xD hope you enjoy ur stay in this- clean and splendid like immaculate concepcion( in your own words)Singapore! hee.have fun yea and i just noticed the overused of (!) xD

  4. =|
    you went to manila.
    i went to cebu.

  5. I wonder if you had the guts to chew gum or publicly spit when you were in Singapore?


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