a lame, loosely considered post

One thing I love about living abroad is that the novelty of being back home never actually wanes. I still get rattled about considering myself ever driving in these roads, I still get excited about all the (cheap&delicious) food parading around for my consumption, & it's always a thrill to touch knees with the faces i've left behind.

I liiiiiike being home. So much so that I just want to get the words out of my system & immortalised on blog without any semblance of wit or consideration for analogies. Just lame-ass "zomg hi i like it here".


Caught up with the lovely Reanna & Pat. (sorry R, I don't recall yer youchoob link!)
Backstory: This absolutely sweet young thing, by the name of Patricia, wrote to me on the youtubes several months ago. She was intelligent & creative & humble, & naturally I jumped at the chance to partake in friendship with someone like that. The first time we met up, Pat brought along Reanna, who is equally as entertaining. & to make this world infinitely smaller, Pat & Reanna now attend the school I went to during my nine month stint here before moving to Australiaaa.

Anyway, next blog coming in... ten minutes. No joke. Butt-load of festive pictures from last night's rodeo-themed shindig to celebrate Kate's 20th birthtag! Who is Kate & what do we mean by butt-load? Stay tuned...


  1. babyporridge you are soo beautiful.you should go to hollywood & be a movie star. :)