In the event that you viewed my last post & noticed the (pseudo)Venetian man standing lovingly beside me, you might have guessed at my being in Vegas. Or Venice. Or Franco-Prussian war.

Had you guessed Vegas, you would've been vaguely accurate, like writing "maybe" on a yes or no question paper is vaguely accurate. I was in the Vegas of the East, betches... Hello Macau!

It has taken me roughly a week to get this information across because I have this annoying need to upload pictures along with blog entries to justify to my doubting heart that I was actually in said place with said people partaking in said activities. Sorting, culling & crisping pictures is a DRAINING & time-consuming process however, & I feel that these hands are too weary for such an undertaking. For shame!

But here - one visual representation of me being a tourist & posing with the Guan-Yin statue:

It was fantastic, much like sucking your thumb in public without receiving disapproving stares is fantastic! We indulged in FOOD, culture, casinos & more FOOD. Obviously this little bear was happy. Anyway, I'd like to be a little more thorough & anecdotal with that experience, so maybe later, with much more images for optical assault!

I hate asking asking asking for favours, but I do implore your support for my application for 'The Best Job In The World' competition. Your view & rating counts in my heart, & if you don't mind giving it, then my eternal gratitude is with you. As an added bonus, you can even have my sister.

But anyway, here: please & thank you.

Am still in Manila. I head back to 'Stralya on Tuesday, & I am already having withdrawals from this place. They withdrawals are physically manifesting as little red bumps on my skin. On second thought though & a highly more probable one at that, aforesaid withdrawal might actually be ant bites & mosquito bites. OH DENGUE FEVER, HOW YOU TEASE ME SO.

No, i'm increasingly sad about having to return. While I do miss Australia & my mommy & my daddy & my sister (although this one perhaps not so much) & all my mother truckers & my room & the inspiring sense of road rage I have from driving the car,

I really don't want to go back just yet :( Bah.

Posted a new video tonight starring the talented Dave, whose permission I did not receive in starring him. AHAHA, I am an excellent human being. It's simple, yes, but I do have to start somewhere in this supposed return to the internets world. Whatever, I had fun:

Yours til Niagara falls,
Nikki xx


  1. Niagara Falls. The Canada side is better. That town is full of kitsch

    Damn, I thought Atlantic City was the Vegas of the East(ern United States)

    I viewed and rated your "Best Job in the World" entry so I guess that I'm one of the owners of your eternal gratitude. Just don't be so clingy while we're walking. :-P

  2. Hurry up and vote for Nikki!

    And don't forget to visit

  3. your video for the competition was awesome. I hope you win it. Is there an actual voting process or is it done by views and ratings? We should totally spam the video!

  4. I thought the video was great: 5✩, but eternal gratitude is not needed... those with only a chasm where the glowing light of your creativity sits must settle for rating videos instead of making them; but if you do feel obliged, I am open to cash payments and foot rubs.

    Anyways, how come you get to be such a jetsetter while I'm stuck in my 9-to-5? Enviousness ;)

  5. Nikki, as I love your stuff! I really wish that you would vanish your cover with Dave because he destroyed my beloved song. And dirtied your face posing as an accomplish!

  6. That's serious talent. Love the DCfC song too.