yee to the haw haw

This is Kate & she is my oldest friend.

By oldest, I do not mean "most ancient" as I do have friends more on the dying end of the spectrum than her measly twenty. By oldest, I mean I knew her since diapers adorned my butt & her butt. Not the same diaper, mind you, because a) it's unhygienic, & b) this derriere would never have fit into her size!

Anyway, had a blast partying down with ze locals... all of whom were strangers to me. But you know, several colourful fluids later & terrible limb flailing that resembled cardiac arrest more than actual dancing... we might just say that the sense of camaraderie... it come aready(rie)! (holy mutha trucka, that was the worst pun i've ever had the pleasure of stringing together.)

Forget the past second your eyes glossed over that sentence actually existed, okay?

There are far odder pictures in the vault... for instance, swinging from flimsy pieces of rope with flowers attached, as well as terrible impersonations of rogue animals. They'll stay in the vault for a reason.


  1. Where are all the cows

    You mean the Carabau aka some variation of Water Buffalo

    The Vault is where the magic is?
    I learned that from Disney. It's where they store all of their movies and extra features that might be superior to the currently available ones.

    Oddness is next to godliness...or was that cleanliness, ehhh. whatevs

  2. So envious of your shenanigans right now! Not being a native myself, I know what you mean - nothing beats the feeling of being home... enjoy ;)