HI. So I've been drinking. And I think that maybe my brandishing of words might be a little dangerous right about now. SO I'll definitely keep it to a minimum.

Here is a very small list of things I thought should be placed in a list called "things I have recently found therapeutic":
1) De-clutterising my room
2) Flexing the photographic limb and taking photos of this newly de-clutterised state
3) De-veining prawns

Points 1) and 2) may have come about through some pretty intense trawling of The Selby website. WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE. Creatives and their homes! So ridiculously inspired my own home and paint the walls puke yellow and use toilet paper as cushions. No, not really. But at the very least, it inspired me to clean up the junkyard that is my room.

So without further ado,

And here is a photobomb from beautiful Kimberley's 21st last night. I AM DWARFED by her six-inch heels :(

And just to conclude, thank you for all of your words on my last entry. I appreciate them. I will never get over how so many of you are generous about opening up to strangers too. Thank you again. May you also stand strong against your plights. Love love love.



  1. And here the first few paragraphs had my hopes up for prawn photography.

    I jest.


  2. Is it wrong that I want to acquire and/or steal your "Constipated People Don't Give A Shit" coffee mug?

    It might be wrong that I find that hilarious. De-clutterising, I don't think I can do it. I'm too fond of creating random piles of stuff allowing easy discovery of objects used everyday or not. It's not a problem yet so I'm not gonna worry about it. Thank you very much, hah hah

  3. forgot one thing. I find this hilarious. Follow the link. It's the post named Forgotten Princesses. look at it big. Those are some priceless punchlines along with some great illustrations imo.

  4. Your last post was a side that you don't expose a lot of in your other posts.. good on you for sharing.

    I noticed that within you collection of books you don't have 'The Alchemist' on display.

    I thought you loved that book?

    Maybe it is just in the draw.. or your bag. I think you may have lent it to a friend to try and spread the love.

    But nice post.

    :) - Mike

  5. hey you!! I told you my 100 hundred years of solitude was with you. And you didn't believe me. ha! Love the photos. Miss you too! Can't wait to see you in May.


  6. i love the mug.
    and i love your blog.

  7. i have drugs to fix the problem your mug describes. :)