Bitch red blog

Currently updating while my lips are stained bitch red. No apparent reason really, except for the fact that I am a big kid and find no greater thrill than playing with newly acquired things! I love me some new red lipstick, yo!

I'm in Manila, and have been for the past week and a half. I came here with the sole purpose of nursing my grandfather back to health, and it is for that reason that I tiptoed quietly into this country and told no friends of mine of my arrival. Scummy or wise? You decide.

No, but really, I love my pals here. I love the thrill of perpetual socialisation, the constant menagerie of faces faces faces, but I didn't want any distractions... save for seeing my papa and hitting my local fatness first.

Lolo has been doing much better. When I first arrived here, he was thin and frail (having lost 10lbs since the last of his surgeries), doused in black bruises (around the neck, chest, arms and thighs) from where he was operated on, sleepy all the time, and generally grumpy. He didn't speak much, on account of losing his voice from being operated on there, and he refused to eat, having lost his tastebuds, and subsequently his appetite.

I can happily say that after a week of constantly massaging his bruises and applying some trusty Arnica cream, they've disappeared for the most part. We've been fixing him his meal-replacement drink as well as attempting to coerce him to eat, and his appetite is slowly coming back, along with his voice and a jolly disposition. Today we went through his second cardio rehab session, and I am grateful to see the progress.

Anyhow, it's one in the morning. Gotta wake up in a few hours for a photographic adventure via Manila's rail stations tomorrow, so I leave with, you guessed it, a (nostalgic) picture dump.

I've just counted; I was in Manila four months ago, and it was a completely different experience then. Without further ado, here is a picture dump of Manila shennanigans from November 2009:

Yeah, not gonna lie, I had a blast and a ridiculously full three weeks. But I am enjoying my time here right now just the same, if not more so. I feel like I have a genuine purpose this time and its a worthwhile experience (:

Oh, and the following is completely irrelevant, but a little humour never hurt!


  1. I'm glad to hear your Grandad is a bit better. He's one of the lucky ones, I guess :)
    It's great that you help him get better and I heartily commend you for it. Bitch.


  2. That's great to hear that your papa is starting to get better. I call my grandfather papa too. Hearing that he's jolly disposition is back is very encouraging. I'm sure there will be time for you to possibly reconnect a little with friends. Sometimes family has to come first. That's great that he's doing cardio exercises too. Just from how you talk about him, he's obviously a fighter.

    best of luck to you and your papa. I think many good days are still ahead for both of you.

  3. Its good to hear about your pops.
    It was one of the many things I had to discuss with you at some point.... in the usual medication review style.

    I love the hooker red.
    I don't usually dig it, but on you it works a charm.

    That's nice that you feel like you have more of a purpose to be in Manila. I think that's better then just going somewhere for a holiday... well, not better, but it feels more justified.
    A holiday should never need justifying anyway...
    Just saying ;)

    Woo, made the picture dump. even if it's just a screen shot. haha.

  4. @RnB clarification: I call my grandfathers 'Lolo', not 'Papa'. Papa refers to my papa - my daddyo. :j

  5. All the loving attention of his favourite grandkid (or not?) must be helping him recover. My grandma was happy if I drove her to the shopping centre for lunch, so your grandpa must be thrilled that you flew in from Aust to nurse him!

  6. Glad to hear your Lolo is on the mend :)

  7. I miss your words.

  8. hope all is well with you and grandfather, Nikki.

  9. i think this blog is due for an update. your readers miss you! i know i do. :)