I have some asplainin' to do.

Dear all,

It has been about five months since I crafted a thorough, substantial, and not ridiculously vague post. Not that children are crying and riots are buzzing on account of my absence, but I'm the kind of gal who doesn't take risks. I'm the kind of gal who doesn't take risks on not keeping the people of the internets up date with her shenanigans.

The story starts in between waking and dreaming, in between pulling out wedgies and wishing I had more time to body pump and facebook prowl. Somewhere along the line, let's say April, I got a job in a global fruit store - a place iconic to (traveling & local) youtubers, and where the tech savvy generally bow their heads to and subsequently cream their pants at.

After finishing university last November, my vague plan for this year was to work part time (say, three, maybe four days a week) just to have some money in the proverbial butt pocket, and I could spend the rest of my days being fruitfully creative - maybe knuckling down and getting serious with churning out some tunes and working on the photography skillz.

Suffice to say the year hasn't really gone according to plan. But in no way am I complaining.

About six weeks into the job, I was asked by the Business Manager of this global fruit store to come on board his team. I dutifully agreed... and have since relinquished the cruisy part-time hours for a ten-to-six, five working day, full-time load.

So for the past five months, I've not had the time and opportunity to really hone any creative undertakings (which is a shame), but I have found a happy routine, a constant income, fantastic new creatures to add to my social circle, and I'm a learnin' learnin' learnin'.

That's kind of where I'm at. And because I kind of want to hit the sack, I'm gonna scrimp on the paragraphs and do a (very hasty and certainly incomplete) highlight / lowlight analysis of the past few months.

Win: I turned twenty one and my awesome work team got me a cake, and my family took me out to dinner and totally tried to get me drunk:

Fail: I turned twenty one and now have to be accountable for my actions, which is coincidentally married with the fact that I SEEM TO HAVE GONE DOWNHILL RIGHT AFTER TURNING TWENTY ONE. (By no means am I referring to lame ass driving misdemeanors...)

Win: I had a freaking sweet time at my 21st (which deserves a post in itself)

Fail: ...Maybe too freaking sweet of a time.

Win: I may or may not have developed a new handsome and debonair infatuation, plus the associated thrill and the stomach butterflies.

Fail: It is unrequited!!!!

Win: Spring has most definitely sprung. It maketh me happy. I like more colour in the world and the expelled necessity of having to wear more clothes.

Fail: Summer is nearing and I am HARDLY at bikini body status. Fail fail fail is the fact that full time work means a) the lack of time for beastly gym sessions (or even mild gym sessions at that), and b) the convenience and accessibility of shitty-straight-to-my-arse food. I have absolutely packed on the pounds and am so much plumper this year. Must get back to this (sans creepy expression):

Win: I have made a steel resolve to whip my arse back into gear. I ran my first 5kms (in months!) tonight. I also dogged Friday night socialising and spent the night at the gym instead getting re-acquainted with weights, a 20km bike ride, light jogging and arse-eating-stair-master. I copped it from Kristy and Tim via txt txt txts. I copped it bad. (Sorry guyyys... Ehe.)

Fail: Being a dog / retaining my social pariah status.

Win: Going through some spring cleaning and being absolutely ruthless with accumulated junk. GONE (for the most part). My wardrobe is now manageable! My room is now clean! I am still a vapid camwhore!

(Oh look, just a few pairs I thought would be worthy of being photographed...)

Anyway, that's all I got for now. I don't know how I ever coped without my new favourite toy...


& oh, P.S. I am a little jealous of Hayley's rapport with her readers. Who am I kidding, I'm A LOT JEALOUS. I want the same thing. I want people I can know by name. I want to grow my own legion, a microchosm even, of minions to do my bidding, which may include plucking my nose hair and teaching me how to be charming. Dance, my minions, dance! By that I really mean I want to start a new. If you're a new reader, or an old reader I've never heard from, I'd love it if you could introduce yourself, tell me something about you. I mean, if you're here and reading, we've got to have a mutual interest, right? Right?! Could be fun... or just leave me to wallow in my own feces. Heh.

Have a fine night, lambchizzles!


  1. Oh my. That was certainly more Information than I've ever heard you dash out :D not that I'm complaining!

    You know me. I'm your alter ego Nicholas. I'm an old reader... well. I have been here a while... so I'm kind of old. Let's just say I'm a long-time reader... that makes me feel better.

    I'm nichisstuff on youtube and I have been waiting for ages to sing a duet with you. That is all. Not really, but that is it for now.

  2. she has returned.

  3. She has indeed...


  4. Err... Hi!

    I'm Guy

    Group drone: "Hi Guy"

    I'm from England and stuff... weird!

  5. Hey, we'd be close if you weren't that friend who texts every month& then disappears off the social radar.

    Just sayin'.

  6. Oh, wow. You know, I've been following you for over two years, and this is the first time I've ever commented. I, like you, am jealous of Hayley's leigon of fans, but perhaps we can be Internet best friends? I like prowling, too! Ugh, we're soooo like each other!

    Anyway, I'm glad you're back. Your party looked absolutely amazing, and your vast quantities of awesome continue to make me smile.

    Take care!

  7. Glad to see you back and posting again!! Im a long time reader, first time commenter, and I am also completely jealous of Hayley's leigon of fans.

    Found you and your amazing voice on youtube some time ago.

    Love your photos, I am a bit of a camwhore too :P Can't wait to see your next post!


  8. Oh Hai~
    Glad to hear that your affiliation with said electronic fruit firm is coming along swimingly.
    Sadly, i broke up with liiv7, and deleted my youtubez, but it's nice to still get a dose of the online community through the twitterz.
    Keep up the swell work,
    Nay Blountation.

  9. HI. btw i'm jelaine from the Philippines. i'm not usually here around blogspot but when i do, i take time to read you posts. wanna know something interesting? i actually got your blog address from a magazine (w/c i already forgot 'coz it's been years). they did some sort of feature about you and that's how i got interested in you.. i found you as this sort of all-around-very-adventurous-artist. w/c is actually good. i think. hahaha. yep. :D

  10. me. laura, 22, sydney, likes long walks in the sun & people like you

  11. Good to see things are interesting at least in your life. Starting FT work is difficult, I know. Stick with it if you find it interesting and challenging, or if it will lead to something interesting.

    You should know that last thurs night after work I went to the fruit store in Chats to get a new ipod (old one went through the washing machine), and there were 60+ people looking at fruit products, less than 10 staff in view, and 20 people in line. I spent over 20 minutes in line!

    Bizarre that people couldn't wait to throw their money at the company, but there was no one to take it... most stores do not have that "problem".

  12. Yaaaay for more porridge! luv ur way with words... I wonder if it's possible to learn that skill, probably not!

    and just so u know u have a reader in Egypt (or at least from Egypt, I travel too much!)

  13. Eh~! Long time reader, first time commenter (I think @.@). Sydney, 22, goes by Ness. On youtube I'm akaihanabi but I kinda gave up posting stuff. Eh, oh well. I wonder how your grandad is going

  14. I'm an occasional blog stalker of yours, having found it by way of your youtube videos. Speaking of which, they are absolutely brilliant. I dig your abstract sense of humor and your video's narrative qualities. Anyway... you're entertaining as fuck.

  15. You're quite persuasive, I'm actually commenting because of your little plea at the end of your blogpost there!

    Your posts are rad, love them...I did thoroughly enjoy your win/fail list.

    I sometimes stop by to see if you've updated your blog - I'm a features writer and should be doing some work now, but writer's block is a bitch as you may know.

    So thanks for the distraction!

    Happy 21st...x

  16. Hi, I'm Tara! I've been checking up on your blog occasionally ever since this post http://babyporridge.blogspot.com/2009/04/exercise-in-writing-exercise-in-wanting.html

  17. I'll leave the minion actions to those delightful little yellow guys from Despicable Me

    What have I been up to in the last several months. An Uncle & Aunt of mine from India were visiting here in Vancouver in August. I got a bit sick in late August. That lead to pretty much the whole month of September in the hospital.

    Oh, sorry for no drawing onslaught of you from me this year for your b'day. Been preoccupied with health stuff all summer actually. It sounds stressful but it hasn't been all that bad for me.

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  19. Its not a party if you dont wake up the next morning with hair that smells of vomit.

    Dunno how long iv been reading, but for a while, i think iv posted comments before though.

    23, from London uk, but live in Oxford with the military. I could either sit in silence working to see my reflection whilst polishing my boots in my barrack block, or watch your videos, its a tough choice but i pick the latter.

  20. Alex, female, 16, Melbourne.

    I've been following you for the better part of this year, because you are naturally amusing and have a wonderful way with words :)

    I will also happily sign on for the role of minion/lambchizzle.

    Hope life is treating you well!

  21. Golly. Well, I'm Raz and I like unicorns, poetry, and tofu (but each in very different ways).

  22. I saw a girl on facebook and she reminded me of you so I decided to come look at your blog. I must saw I am so incredibly jealous of your room. It looks absolutely amazing! I've lived out of boxes for the erm... last 8 or 9 years and I've been hanging out for a sweet room! A 21st is not a 21st without a bit of a vom. Keep it real and for god sakes post more! Excuses, excuses.

  23. BWAH! Nikki you take gorgeous pictures : oooooooooooooooo

    I was wondering what camera you use and where you learnt your photography skills from?

    Heartheartheartheart your blog C: