somebody's hiney is crowding my icebox.

i am astounded by the amount of people i have deceived.
sorry munchkins, no drastic haircut for me. WIGS are your new best friend (after you dispose of your old best friend in a deep grave first).


*in my dream last night, i downed an entire bag of m&m's.
i woke up feeling somewhat akin to pregnant women & desiring a big fat case of diarrhea. sometimes my own frankness astounds me, which is often followed by confusion on whether to be disgusted at my amusement, or amused at my disgust(ing self).

*accompanied patto at/to(?) his 'little' brother's 18th yesterday night & ate my weight in chicken fingers. have since decided that being in the proximity of real people with balloons is actually quite a lovely thing. oh, the balloons aren't necessary - they do, however, make for a delightful bonus.

*created traffic with natural ability by getting scared shitless about reverse parking into the crowded parking lot. mother had to get out of the passenger's seat & shoo me away from the driver's seat. my shame increased proportionately to the car buildup behind my strategically placed vehicle - (right in front of the mall exit). my scarlet face more than made up for the lack of a brandished letter ('A' for amazingly-bad-typical-asian-driver) on my chest. AM NEVER DRIVING IN PUBLIC AGAIN.

*want to pause Enchanted the movie approximately twenty minutes prior to ending & crawl into the TV screen. patrick hot-old-man dempsey & james beefcake marsden, please continue to fight over me, thank you.

*errr this:


  1. OH MY GOD i think i have that. i constantly feel the need to get better hardware/software.. haha i just read that sentence. but i dont think i get angry/tense when i dont have the internet.. probably coz ive never not had it..

  2. Did you not love Enchanted.

    I remember talkin about it to you about it in a message on myspace a bit after I saw it in theaters.

    "Somebody's cold one is giving me chills, if I just close my eyes... ah yeah...alright...feels good...inside...

    SAY IT AIN't SO OOh Oh uh Oh! Your love is a heartbreaker.

    alright...done finishing your quote

    Did U do Earth Hour?

  3. ah the DSM. constant need to keep creating new disorders.

    shyness is a disorder too of course 'social anxiety disorder'...

    the accepted range of normal gets narrower and narrower. a problem, since as a friend said to me years ago "we all deviate from a mythical norm".

  4. It's weird when you don't have access to the internet. Everything starts to feel like you're in a bit of a bubble with no outside information. I think that lacking media makes people a bit stir crazy now.

    I remember I felt a bit trapped & anxious when the T.V. got busted. yeah, there were other T.V.'s but the only one connected to the cable box that carries the channels I wanted to watch was busted.

    that was 2 weeks of strangeness. I used the internet quite a bit but you could only do so much spread out over the day.