nikki blah blahs about films.

confession: i have never seen 'the notebook'

& frankly, i'm just not all that inclined to see it. having said this, i won't be surprised to have raised suspicions about my gender. ha. i just feel like its reputation precedes it since every other female in my age bracket has listed it in their top ten, etc. & i often like things not quite palatable to typical taste.

whiiiich brings me to blood & satire & self-preservation through violent aggression.
ohmygod 'Battle Royale' i love you.

i also have a (small) crush on tatsuya fujiwara (who plays shuya nanahara, protagonist of battle royale). please let me marry your face. i will bribe you with pokemon cards & green-tea chocolates & other assorted stereotypical things i assume japanese folk pride themselves in.

funny how the first picture i find of you, mister fujiwara, resembles a notebook-esque scenario. rest assured that i still find you attractive away from your pretty boy ways. YOU HAD ME HOOKED AT YOUR BLOODIED, RUGGED, UNRULY APPEAL. I GUESS THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

totally on the subject of asian movies,
'The Joy Luck Club' has always been a favourite of mine, long before i knew about eloquent narration & poignant storylines & great overall cinematic cohesion.

i'm not chinese, but i do identify a lot with the themes of tradition & culture & the plight to make parents proud. i was blown away by how all the female protagonists had such distinct stories, but all their struggles seemed equally painful & strangely akin.


i am in a bit of an introspective phase & as much as i find it such an inconvenience to be restless, i think times like these often help to clarify my priorities & give me some impetus for what i want to accomplish.

special mention to alex (nerimon) & kevin (aceofhearts101). hey chickens, i don't know if you even read this blog, but i found it amusing that in a span of 3 minutes, both text messages i received were from intercontinental loves. i'm sorry for my lack of response! i was out of credit. lame lame lame excuse, i know.

i have a seven & a half hr shift at work tomorrow. am hoping to get a decent hr & a half gym session before it. endorphines, i need you.

oh, & happy easter.


  1. You haven't seen the Notebook. I've seen it. It's one of the few movies that actually gets me to feel a bit sad towards the end. It's the story of a romance but it feels like a plausible relationship with strife and friends + family that get in the way.

    Battle Royale. That movie is freakin nuts. That one girl that goes absolutely militant is awesome. The girls in the lighthouse are pretty nuts too. I saw it cuz a Cousin of mine lent me his copy. It was exciting & bizarre but absolutely stylish.

    Bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Haven't seen Joy Luck Club. Maybe never will. I saw Shutter a few days ago. It wasn't the best horror film but it had an interestingly executed story & the ghost figure that attacks the characters is tragic. I enjoyed it.

    Eff, there goes Neil again writing a freakin novel of a comment. Hope U like it. Check out my blogger blog I just started if U have a chance. Drop a comment too.

    later, Just came back from a Cousin's B-day a little bit ago. Pretty stuffed, ate too much. Need to paper write tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

  2. you might see "Conversations with Other Women"
    I love this movie. To me it's very true to life. Performances, direction. Excellent script by Gabrielle Zevin. Good to see a male romantic protagonist written just right.

    good to see you back @ blog.

  3. Joy Luck Club's my favorite too, have you seen Fried Green Tomatoes? I totally recommend it if you haven't.

  4. I havent seen the Notebook either and I really dont plan on seeing it, however I've seen battle royal 100' of times and thats no joke.

  5. Check out the views here on Battle Royale. It's a bit funny, a bit critical. There's some valid points but I think a lot of the criticisms are that they're over analyzing the movie. One of them likes my fave sequence in the movie. I don't get the connection between the sub & that one girl besides the fact that she was kind to him. the film is kind of funny with its "let those brats kill each other off" story