The message reads:

Hi Nikki!!

I'm just dropping you a line simply because I haven't for too long.
And to let you know you are still the highlight of youtube

Here is a link to a remake that concerns us both, it's pretty much identical...

Plus, I simply had to share our duet with the world. It made my own mother cry. Ok, so she cries at certain episodes of the simpsons, but weeping all the same! In fact she sent it to my dad in Sweden and it's the first video he's seen of mine, so she must have liked it. I don't think my family care too much for what I do, so thanks for getting me extra 'good son' points! You are welcome round for tea anytime.

I'm loving your written blog also. I've just discovered "google reader" and it makes me happy to receive an inspirational wave of Nikkiporridge straight to my inbox.

I hope all is well in the world for you dear x

ben was one of my very first friends on youtube & definitely one of my favourite people to watch. to have a reciprocated respect from someone so talented, intelligent & charismatic is beyond fullfilling. (hey benathan! i'm sorry for quoting your message in public like that). thank you for lending your talents to our collab!

i dunno... i've realised that i actually place a lot more emphasis on internet friends a lot more than i would've ever imagined. it's just amazing that people oceans away are so capable of inciting a smile.

speaking of the creature-friends of far-away, alex (nerimon's) sms today was adorable:
if you wanna come to england, bounty hunter, just go for it :) save and go and embrace me


in other news, uni started up again, & min & i are surrounded by beautiful people in our international communications class. honestly, i feel like i've walked into the set of laguna beach or something equally herpes-infested. i feel so out of place!

anyway, a picture of some ethnics on public transport (stolen from min):


  1. Google Reader certainly is a wonder - as is the entire internet actually. Doesn't do much for my tan though. They should work on that.

  2. Aw, Ben is such a sweetheart. :)

  3. As I said once before Nikki, Internet friends are still friends regardless. Theres nothing I wouldnt do for youm why? because your so damn nice to me. take care nikki p.s loved your latest vid

  4. lol.. Is Laguna Beach really "herpes-infested"? I live about 10 minutes away. Hmmm. I think I need to go buy a bubble boy suit. I hope I can breathe in that thing. Oh well, must avoid the infestation. Wait. If I wear that space suit, I'm not going to be able to reach for the vodka.

    Woe is me. Nice post. Again, great writing.

  5. Hey-lo again, Internet Superstar/Fiend Nikki.

    I decided to start a blog here....
    Just need a venue to vent.

    I put up a poem on there about how I feel about my identity. check it if U like. I did it for a sociology class.

    I'm at a grand total of *bum, bum bum* 2 posts. later

  6. I LOVE Salad Fingers!

    I'm currently in the United States. I watched the Salad Fingers clip on youtube with some Aussies and Americans. Us Aussie girls found it highly amusing! But the Americans did not. Do Aussies have a weird sense of humour??