der nusbaum.

i did not devour your rose martini in a coffee mug. i poured it straight into my palms & BATHED.

ha, or i just used the bottle as a prop. kay.

not to get caught in the crossfire of the upcoming cheesy season, but
i have this friend at work who has eyes as stunning as the cremae of a fantastic espresso & she fascinates me. admiration comes easily because she wears self-awareness like a charm bracelet, but she knows also of limitations like the way the wind must bow to the mountains sometimes.

anyway, she told me:

"nikki, if i made a list of the top ten people who inspire me, you'd be on it. i talk to you like you're my age & hell, even older. you're very mature for your age & you're one of the most intelligent people i know. you're an artist & i really admire you."

that's the kind of moment that you forget that brain is attached to heart is attached to lungs & this feeling beyond uttergratitudeawe shuts up even disbelief's disbelief.

the feeling is a little like subscribing to & fangirling over someone amazing on youtube & finding that reciprocated, but better. infinitely better.



  1. Moments like that are special. Definitely.

    As an aside; I would fangirl over your videos any day, even though saying that has the potential to imply that I think that I'm amazing.

    Um... awkward?

  2. What a nice thing for someone to say. :)

  3. Well niki that person at your work is right. Hell I'd put you on my top 10 list. Your what 18? and act so much older than most people that age. once again you rock Nikki

  4. wow, i love da' song -> darling, slowdown. Anyway, ur works are great and u are one talented gal! hey.. u are good!

    happy Valentine's day!

  5. shit. you are an amazing writer.