courtney: "i am so out of shape, and running hurts my back because my chest is so fucking heavy. like. i wish i could just lay them on the table while doing schoolwork"

i drew the following visual representation as a response:

& yeah okay wow:

it would seem that:
a) youtube is racist, or
b) ashley tisdale's face has been boycotted in australia.

the world may never know.


  1. hahaha "This video is unavailable to Asians."
    Nikki, my love, your picture is an instant hit. It already has 4 photo comments on myspace :) I LOVE YOU POO.

  2. White boys get that message too sometimes. :/

  3. it looks like courtney and everything!

  4. So there's Ashley Tisdale, Run DMC, and a bit of Lupe Fiasco & Talib Kweli that is not available.

    Aside from the Tisdale (imo) All of it is the good stuff, dammit

    I may be a bit of a high school musical junkie, first is better than the second. third is going to the big screen.

    Ashley Tisdale is @ risk of being deported from Australia, OH NO!!!!!