a part-time lover & a full-time friend.

dirt under my nails & weariness in my eyes, i dug.
i dug up old poetry that i wrote more than a year ago.

& i imagine that we are soaked clothes on
tingling bodies, pressed together like wildflowers in a scrapbook. &
raindrops taste sweet in your presence & we are barefoot, swaying
in a puddle under a street lamp. the cacophony of whizzing cars,
it means nothing to us.

& i imagine that we are starving artists,
fingerpainting tranquil colors on canvas-skin, lucid & divine
in unnatural light. etching metaphors, too, in the margins of your back. it is
abstract for the common masses, incoherent to the untrained eye.
surrealist love, we say.

words don't come easy now.
i wonder if i imagined emotion & placed my trust in shaky adjectives far too early. far before i could spell out my youth with more than just the "y", the "o" & the "u".

we're both pretty cute for two ugly people.
ellen page & michael cera please have a communal marriage with me & do what must be done already. fo shiz.


  1. hmm, i like that poetry :)

    aww, didn't you loooove love love Juno?

    you already know my feelings about Michael Cera :P

  2. Nikki its getting hard for me to me to comment on everything you do with out saying how wonderful you are, also you look so beutiful in the new pictures you uploaded. Keep it up nikki

  3. Up up down down left right left right B A start
    Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
    I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
    But you

    i hope we're thinking of the same song.

  4. you're a part time lover and a full time friend, the monkey on your back is the latest trend..I can't see what anyone can see in anyone else..buuut you.

    we need to do a collab with that. =] it would be perfect and favorited out the whazzooo. =]

  5. Hey Nikki, why don't you comment on the blog?

    Like say hello Dylan, thanks for the cool support of something like that.

    Are you real?

    or just a metaphysical digital delusion synthesised deep in the corridors and alleys ways of an epistemological enigma living in a basement somewhere in Transalvania or Tasmania.

    Anyway you are too beautiful to be real, thus my suspicions must be true.

    PS. I may be going into the garlic business; could this be a problem?

  6. wow Nikki. again, that is some lovely writing there. can't believe you would've been 17 when you wrote that. don't stop writing...

  7. "any one else.....but you"
    i cant tell you how much i love this song right now, its second only to "if i had eyes" by jack johnson on my current charts
    loved your vids with benloka, and loved your writing even more...cheers!

  8. Great poetry, especially if you were only 17. Looking at your YouTube channel I can just tell: The world is yours.

  9. sum1 ripped off ur poem man