the thrill of running your fingers across the keyboard is...
yeah, i lost my train of thought.


i hate blogging when what's there to blog about is as barren as your mother's womb.
(yours, not mine)

but i am spilling words onto the canvas because courtney is making me.
coot is pretty:

a stillshot from when i made a video a few days ago:

yes i know, i make an attractive tacky-horror-movie extra.


  1. i miss you. why'd you leave me for dinner?

    i <3 you always&forever.

  2. nikki your the only person in the world who can wirte such random blogs or make such random videos and for some reason you just keep entertaning me. keep it up


  3. i would love to be in a tacky horror movie w/ you as an extra. we could be the kids in the background who have to fake scream and we'll flash secret signs to the camera for our friends to see.
    this idea came to my as i was typing. it's bad.

  4. You are so lovely. I love Cortney too <3

  5. qwertyuiopasdfghjkl;zxcvbnm,l./.,mnbvcdfghjkjhgfdfghjiujnbvcxdfrtyuio,[;lkjhgfdsaAzXCVBNM,./;LKMJNHBGFCZDFGHJKJHGFVBNM,LOIUYTR

    Rather liberating really, might do it more often.