2nd post of the night.

i consume a lot of water whenever i go to the gym.
this is not a complaint because hydration is definitely something i need to get more romantically involved with.

BUUUUT, 2 litres of water in your system, coupled with waiting time for (delayed!) public transport is not the most ideal of circumstances. oh my lord. i could feel the kidney stones with buck-teeth forming & their malice & wow the following pee upon stumbling into the house was 2 joys & a half.

LESSON LEARNED: bladder control is so not cool.

in other news, deadlines & other priorities have been dancing very closely with me for a while now, & i have a massive youtube subscription backlog to attend to...

OH & christopher masterson (of 'malcolm in the middle' fame) was kind enough to visit me in my dreams the other night. awkward. we've never really spoken before & he was always quite cocky to me - never acknowledging my presence when i send a hello his way through the t.v. screen. but in dream-form, he was refreshingly nice.

(yay, pixellation for the win.)

in lieu of the many more blah blahs i have in my head that are fighting to turn into words for the digital medium, i leave with a picture:

am guessing maybe 230 calories of delectable nutrition right there.


  1. ha! omg, i drink so much water too.. well i don't even go the gym (me = lazy! yes yes) but i drink throughout the day, as designing on the computer kinda.. i dunno, makes ur throat go all dry like. hmm.

    anyway, calories! Far out. um. yes. that's all i have to say on that.

    Oh and Henry yes is gone.. was he ur fave? Mine is Jack. probably not a surprise! ha.

    well ah... before u think how anonymous this is.. it's just Johnee (johneepixels7) on youtube checking out your blog! :D

  2. deadlines & other obligations are killing my brain too.

    I spent all of the weekend working on an essay & I'll spend all of this week before friday working on another.

    I'm gonna be really happy for the summer break. I need it. I think I'll actually try to occupy my time this year, hah hah